Monday, April 25, 2011

Gratuitous Puppy Picture

In case you were uber concerned about my welfare when I failed to blog about anything last week, rest assured I was just busy dying. I’m better now and am back to blogging about nothing in particular and everything in general.

I always feel nervous when I return to work after any kind of absence. I was off work from Tuesday afternoon until this morning (thanks Good Friday) so it felt like an eternity. Those years of working in cubicle hell where any absence meant questioning looks and a $15 sick note have played havoc with my sense of what’s appropriate office behavior.

Which is why I was so surprised when every person that walked by me this morning asked if I was feeling better, folks came by specially to chat and tell me that they missed me, and one person gave me a big hug and told me how grateful she was that I was back.

And then there is The Dinosaur who has yet to acknowledge that I’m back, that I was sick or that I exist. And The Seagull is spending her day making excuses about all the things that she couldn’t do because she was “so busy”. When I asked her if she managed to get the supply order done she tells me they were “so busy”, I asked about the business card orders on the desk, she couldn’t do them because she was “so busy”- which begs the question: was it so busy because of high volume or because she is incompetent?

We’re definitely going with incompetence.

Oh yeah, I don’t get Easter Monday off. These are the holidays that I wish I had chosen to be a teacher. There are a lot of kids running around the office today- kids that have the day off who’s parents’ don’t. Daycares are closed. It’s kind of funny seeing all these little versions of my colleagues running around.

The good thing about having been sick for most of last week is that I got some extra time with my new puppy. When I got home on Monday The Boyfriend and the puppy came out to meet me and the puppy didn’t even recognize me until I was standing right in front of him. Heart breaking. And even though I could barely sit up, let alone take him for walks or play with him, my presence alone helped the bond.

Since we have had the little monster, we have washed his bed twice, cleaned the floor more times that I’d like to admit, crawled out of warm beds in the middle of the night for potty breaks in the freezing cold, endured night crying (we’re crate training), and spent early, early mornings amusing him.

We’ve also taught him to sit, gotten lots of puppy kisses, showed him off wherever we went and gotten him somewhat used to the car.

Considering he threw up after his inaugural car ride, I personally feel that this last one is a huge accomplishment. He’s also been introduced to a number of different dogs in the past 3 days and is starting to get really comfortable playing with other dogs. Which is hilarious to watch and a guaranteed way to knock him out for hours. Bonus points.
I’d say the good definitely outweighs the bad. I’ll try to collect some puppy stories to share in the near future. Until then you will just have to make do with this most adorable picture:

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