Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Horse Of A Different Colour

Is it bad that the first thing I thought when I read that a Jersey Shore alum was pregnant was ew!?

You’re probably all with me are you not? That just seems so wrong/gross/insert your own adjective here. Why do people like that get to procreate? Oh yeah, that’s totally judgment that you are hearing.

It might be that I’m just being a cow right now because I’m not in a very good mood.

You’d think that after last night’s nail biting finish to the Canucks’ first round series I’d be flying high! And you’d have been right this morning. But since then, well this place has gotten to me.

I may or may not have been aware that today was Administrative Professionals Day. And as an admin pro, I may or may not have expected some kind of mini fanfare to recognize that I’m an office superstar and this place would fall apart without me. How do I know I’m a superstar? Please!

Last week when I was sick? The faxes weren’t handled, voicemail was left untouched, supplies weren’t ordered,  people didn’t get their mail, and we ran out of shipping supplies. Little things right? But can you imagine if you were waiting on some important mail or a fax to do your job and it just never showed up? Or you went to grab some tool that you needed to complete a project and it wasn’t there? Life would be that much more, needlessly difficult. It’s my job to smooth those daily grind wrinkles out for you. To a point.

But I also expect some respect in return. You may look at me and assume that I’m uneducated, without any kind of experience behind me, or that I’m dumb and deserve to be a Receptionist, but you would be wrong.

I wasn’t looking for a flashy bouquet of flowers or balloons, gift or greeting cards, or a fancy lunch. But would it kill people to say ‘hey you know what? You’re doing an awesome job, thank you” ? It probably wouldn’t.

I had pretty well talked myself down, told myself to get over it and act like a grown up, that no one knows about it and that’s fine, when the Squirrel told me that the entire group of coordinators was being taken out for an extended lunch to celebrate Administrative Professionals Day.

The coordinators, whose lunches I order, whose packages I send out, whose shit I take. They get a lunch and didn’t even think about me.

And then this other a-hole came over to me with an O ring binder in his hand, demanding to know who exactly places the supply order. I told him that technically I placed the order, but that the Squirrel is the one that tells me what to order (which is true- it shouldn’t be this way since the Squirrel is a f*cktard but what can I do?). He starts to yell at me as he’s walking away about how O ring binders are so crappy and we should never ever order them.

This from the guy that once yelled at me about not ordering enough sandwiches on white bread.

I should have just rolled my eyes. I mean clearly this one guy is just an a$$hole and it has nothing to do with me. But added to the fact that today is just another day in office purgatory being ignored by everyone including The Dinosaur (my own manager!), it becomes a horse of a different colour.

Feel free to try and cheer me up. And if you neglected your admin people today, try and make it up to them tomorrow in my honour.

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