Monday, August 8, 2011

Two Weeks

That’s how long it took me to start trolling the job boards for greener pastures in my new role.

Am I doomed to spend a professional lifetime looking for something better? Will I ever be satisfied with my professional lot in life?

That depends. Do you think that I can ever legitimately stay at home in my pajamas and still get paid? Because that’s what I would really like to do. If I were in charge of the world, I would initiate mandatory nap times, a no douche policy and rid the world of the incompetent nincompoops that are still allowed to roam free.

Until I realize my dream of world domination, I should probably try and find some silver linings in my current situation right?

I really like most of the people that I work with. Yes, there are those jerkwads that talked down to me for the simple fact that I answered the phones and there was the hazard of being a sitting duck for all those lonely hearts that just wanted to repeat the same stories with a refrain of “but isn’t that so funny?” (tip: if you have to ask if it’s funny, it probably isn’t) but now that I’ve been ‘rescued’ from the front desk, I’m safely hidden away. I’ve forgotten how quiet an office can be though. But (silver lining!) here we are allowed to talk to each other and no one gives you the stink eye for laughing.

I get every other Friday off. I work an extra hour Monday-Thursday and every other Friday is mine to do with what I choose. Sleeping, reading, dog walking, town leaving, shopping, loitering – whatever I want. And that’s pretty easy to get used to.

Here’s where things get a little tricky though.  Technically I have been promoted out of Reception. I was told that this new role would encompass certain things and would not be a different version of Reception with bathroom breaks whenever I pleased (people always thought I was joking when I would tell them that I could only go to the washroom at certain, appointed, times of the day – I wasn’t). So I trained my temporary replacement and moved on up.

To…I’m still waiting to find out exactly what I’m doing. Pretty sure it’s the glorified reception work. I’ve been added to that email group. No one has said anything about my learning different aspects of the business, as promised. No one has discussed a pay raise. Or my becoming permanent which would bring with it certain other perks, namely vacation and sick days. And most days I spent large chunks twiddling my thumbs waiting to be assigned work. And people seem to a) be OK with it and b) not have any kind of plans to change it.

And so? This morning, I trolled.

Yes, I do realize that this post is totally out of the blue given my recent horrendous status as a non-blogger. I’d address it but we’ve heard that story before and it’s not a very good one is it?

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  1. I know the feeling. I am still searching. I think I know what I should be when I grow up but I lack the courage but have tons of fear.