Monday, March 28, 2011

Did You Feel Kind of Neglected?

I’ve been away from here for a while haven’t I? Is a catch up in order?

Here’s what’s been going on:

1.       I had a birthday. The big 2-6. Felt like the first real OLD birthday. Didn’t help that a few days later I was called ma’am. I can’t recall that ever having happened before, what with my youthful complexion and all. Although it’s my policy to take the day off work for my birthday, that wasn’t possible this year. I was really dreading the experience too, especially when the day before The Dinosaur blamed me for an incident with the Squirrel that was 100% not my fault. But my new co-workers came through for me in a HUGE way spoiling me with a little individual cake (chocolate mousse with a brownie INSIDE), a card and some flowers. Everyone wished me a happy birthday all day as well! For someone that believes their birthday is the most important day of the year, this was an appropriate celebration. And after work I got to spend a lovely evening at a shady bar with my wonderful friends who spoiled me further. It even went so far as to end in karaoke. No one needed to be subjected to a very drunk me belting out Backstreet Boys classics, and yet, it happened.

2.       I have given up sweets for Lent (except for that day where I was forced to eat a chocolate mousse cake with a brownie inside. Or the day before where there was homemade Guinness cheesecake in honour of my birthday- again, totally forced). I really have.  For someone that eats chocolate and cakes and cookies and ice cream like there’s a shortage, abruptly abstaining from them has been surprisingly easy (aside from one or 2 little hiccups- see birthday). Plus, people totally back off when you tell them that you can’t have a cookie because of Lent, like they respect your spiritual journey. If I was to say that it’s because I’m on a diet, they would be all “just have one, one won’t kill you” but Lent? Free pass.

3.       I mentioned that I’m old now right? If you are older than me I’m sure you are shaking your fist at the screen but it’s all relative right? I attended my little brother’s 13th birthday yesterday- yeah, he’s HALF my age. I spent part of the time watching Rebecca Black parody videos on youtube courtesy of my 14 year old sister. OLD.

4.       I joined a Dragon Boat team at work. Yeah, you read that right- I’m participating in a work extracurricular activity that involves hanging out with people that I work with. And it’s so much fun. It’s actually worse than the fact that I just joined- I’m almost a cheerleader. I get PUMPED for it and try to amp other people up for it too. Disgusting. I will create a much longer post about that, because I feel like it deserves some extra attention. And? I’m going to have awesome arms when I’m done. That’s really the reason I did it. Vanity can be an excellent motivator- see Lent.

5.       The biggest news of all: I’m officially getting a puppy. OK. You already knew that because I already posted about that. But the little critter has actually been chosen now. The Boyfriend and I went out to the breeder in the middle of February and met a bunch of the breeder’s adult dogs. We’re getting a German Shepherd for those of you that missed that little tidbit of information. Some people (The Record) might be terrified of German Shepherds having been chased onto playground equipment by gigantic, terrifying, snarling German Shepherds. But if The Record had seen these dogs, even she would have had to admit that they were sweet and adorable. And if she hadn’t (she is one of the most stubborn people I know) then if she had come out with us this weekend to see the little tiny, 5 week old German Shepherd puppies, she would have fallen in love. I tried to send her a picture of them but her phone is from 1996, back when cell phones only did things like call people. I’m totally digressing here though. Puppy. These are the 2 puppies we will be choosing between (there is one other person ahead of us looking for a show male dog so there is a chance that one of these will be chosen, that’s why we had to choose 2)- we go back this weekend for the final selection!


6.       Its Spring! I don’t know about where you live, but out in Vancouver? Spring is here and its awesome. Cherry blossoms are out, temperatures are rising, I don’t need to wear tights every day, and you can SMELL spring in the air! I definitely ran out and bought some new dresses to encourage Spring to carry on in this same vein.

And I really think that that’s all that I have for you. Oh if you have time, you should check out my super stylish, hilarious, all-around fantastic friend Niki’s contribution to MTV’s style blog!  We all realize that I’m more fabulous by association right? Good.


  1. New here but your "about me" captured my attention.. I hate getting up on Monday's too... looking for the ultimate job.. sitting around blogging all day would be good... alas a dream.
    love the blog.. :)

  2. wait, listen... you do know these things get HUUUUUGE right?!?!

  3. and wait another sec: you have a job?? and you're doing extra-credit activities AFTER work hours with them?!?! well, well, things HAVE changed around here.

  4. I know they get huge! I want a HUGE dog! You should see their father- biggest German Shepherd I have ever seen! Can't wait!

  5. ahhhhh I have missed you! I'd love to know how you got blamed for something by the Dino and what it was. Could I suggest some corporate sobotage against the Squirrel? Leave a jar of chocolate laxatives on your desk and wait for her to help herself????? Mwahahahaha. Oh, how are you gonna keep a German shepherd in your apartment? I anticipate numerous posts about, that's for sure!!!
    Krystal from Melbourne.

  6. I meant I anticipate numerous AMUSING posts about the challenges of having a puppy... whoops!

  7. I remember my German Shephard from when I grew up very fondly. There is no better dog than a GS!

  8. Wow... So I go away on holidays and it all comes out. First, I'm not stubborn, I'm opinionated - there's a difference. And that phone wasn't an antique, it was retro!