Monday, November 22, 2010

Abandonment Issues?

Since I was away all last week I'm sure that you are expecting me to come back here with some awesome stories of all the awesome things that I did instead of blogging for you.

But you would have really high expectations and unfortunately I don't seem to be in the business of fulfilling expectations these days. I just spent a lot of time running around last week, getting up at the completely unreasonable hour of 9am to spend days outside of my apartment, getting things done. Such a glamourous life no?

Alright fine, here are the highlights of my week spent neglecting you.

1. I learned how to turn on the pilot light in our fireplace. I'm pretty sure that this was something that The Boyfriend already knew how to do but he was at physio when the gas man came to the door to turn it on (I suspect that it was already on but what do I know?) and he asked me if I wanted to know how to turn it off and on so that I could save $8 a month in the summer (I think he thought I lived alone) and hey, I'm not exactly in a position to be spending money willy nilly now am I?

2. I thought that I would try to jumpstart my interview energy by going out and buying some more professional looking interview wear. Turns out that its impossible to find a blazer if you have big boobs. What a shock. Instead of jumpstarting my interview energy I spent a frazzled Saturday surrounded by early holiday shoppers and teenagers, thisclose to having a meltdown. In the end I semi-won. I walked away with a new blazer but we all know that I settled in order to have something

3. I read some more books and developed a sympathy for Eva Braun. I read a biography about her (The Lost Life of Eva Braun by Angela Lambert) and it turns out she wasn't a heinous b*tch despite her terrible taste in men. I even cried when I read the part where she died. I'm not sure what this says about me actually. I mean I always assumed that Eva Braun was a terrible person (I mean come on! Hitler?!) but it turns out she could have been any 17 year old girl that fell for a guy with a lot of power. Anyway if you get the chance, read the book. It was fantastic.

4. I woke up early on Thursday so that my friend could make me breakfast. We were going to go out for breakfast but then she wisely decided that it would be cheaper if she made it for me and like I said before, I'm not in any position to be turning down cheaper options. So while you were in your office listening to your idiot of a boss tell you what to do, I was eating homemade waffles with fresh strawberries and whipped cream, chatting with a very good friend in her spacious new home. 

5. I almost feel like this shouldn't be a highlight because the dinner was to say good bye to a very good friend that has decided employment in Calgary is better than unemployment surrounded by people like me, but dinner to say good bye to my friend who is moving to Calgary was pretty fun. Even though it was cut a little short by the falling show (I live on a mountain, if its snowing below the mountain I can expect blizzard conditions at home) (also I'm a Vancouverite. Wet white stuff falling from the sky is reason to panic) it was a very enjoyable evening. Aside from the snow, the Greek food (just not a fan) and the falling down. Oh yeah, turns out that falling slush creates slippery conditions on the road and one is liable to fall when walking if extra caution is not exercised. S'ok though, I now have wicked bruises on both my shins to remember the occasion.

Bonus highlight: When I got back from the above mentioned good bye dinner it was snowing really hard at home and it was so pretty that The Boyfriend and I went on a late night walk in the snow. It was kind of awesome. 

Now you're caught up on what I did. What did you do?

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