Friday, November 12, 2010

So This One Time... band camp...

Sorry I couldn't resist. Its not going anywhere. Although if you keep reading there may or may not be a story for you. I can't vouch for its being funny (although later I sell it as being funny) but it has a beginning, middle and end and is therefore a real life story.

I finished all the books I got from the library last night. Turns out none of them was a very challenging read. However this did help me punch out books #56-60 for books that I've read this year. Which made me feel good. But now I need to go back to the library.

Who am I kidding? This is excellent news.

I thought maybe I could convince The Boyfriend that since I have been so good all week perhaps I should get a little treat from Costco when he drags me there this afternoon but its a no-go. I guess that's fair. You know, since I'm bringing in exactly no income.

Funny story. At the end of the summer The Boyfriend's parents came to stay with us. It was the first time they had seen our new place (they were impressed because its awesome) and the left some champagne behind for us to celebrate. At this point I felt like we were in our place long enough that the champagne could be used to celebrate when I got a new job. I was all optimistic that this would take no time at all because let's face it, I'm qualified to nothing specific and anything general.

I'd probably have a job by now too if I wasn't so damn picky.

But I digress. Last weekend, when going through the contents of the fridge to find something suitable to drink before a hockey game (at which I failed because there were only half drunk bottles of wine), I tell The Boyfriend that a stop at the liquor store will be in order because we have nothing to drink (seriously, this is unusual for us) and he says "why don't you just drink that champagne?"

Obviously he does not care to save champagne for celebrations. But I tell him that I don't want to use it because I'm saving it for when I get a job.

To which he replies, completely deadpan "you know that it has an expiry don't you?"

Nice guy right?

No it was hilarious. I laughed hard and long. You have to. You'd go insane otherwise. Because let me tell you, unemployment? Its tough. All of a sudden things that were in perfect working order when you were both earning money, decide to crap out on you (the TV and the car come to mind) bringing with them, visions of very expensive fixes.

Also the holidays are coming. Quicker than I would like. I haven't completely despaired of finding work before Jolly Old St. Nick comes to town, but with every passing day...well the chances become less. We'll survive but I'm going to have to tell the families that this year, only the children get gifts.

Do you hear me family?? Only the children!

Yeah I will probably have to tell them in person. Lame.

I'm going to conclude here. A wonderful post right?

Ah whatever, its Friday. Go enjoy it.

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