Thursday, November 4, 2010

Full Time A$$hole

Do you tell people that you're unemployed or that you're a full time a$$hole?

This is what The Boyfriend said to me the other night. And before you get up in arms, know that a) he was joking (duh) and b) that it made me laugh really hard. Mostly I tell people I'm unemployed but maybe I should change tactics. I am kind of making a career out of being an a$$hole.

So you may have noticed that I have been neglecting you all week. See above.

No, no, we had some houseguests and so I didn't have that much free time to come on here and complain about being unemployed. I was thinking about blog worthy posting all week though.

And now that I finally have the chance to sit here and blog...I can't remember a single one.

So I fear that today will be another collection of thoughts that pop into my head as I go. Can't be helped. I need to start writing these great posting topics down. Or stop lying about having great ideas for posting. One or the other.

I was just reading (as I do most mornings in order to wake up before the hard core job searching begins) and there was an article entitled Emma Bunton Expecting Second Child and I had to click on it to find out who it was because my first thought was "who the f*ck is Emma Bunton?" I feel like I need to turn in my Spice Girls Fan card. I mean they were only one of the most important parts of my tweens. They were only the greatest group ever. And what? I forget their names? What an a$$hole.

We got the Back to the Future trilogy on blu-ray the other day and finally watched it this week. You guys? Its life changing. I can't even describe to you the quality of the movies- its like it was filmed yesterday. And its so much more fun to watch the second one, going forward into 2015, now because its only 5 years away. Hilarious. And actually, Robert Zemeckis wasn't that far off. Have you guys seen this article? Also, there are a bunch of extras on the discs, including an interview with this physicist who says that actually time travel is possible and Back to the Future actually got the theory more or less right!

I've developed a shameful new addiction. Its so much worse than Days of Our Lives (which I don't really watch anymore). The Boyfriend is appalled at my lack of good television viewing taste. It started out innocently enough as a morning of theres-nothing-good-on-TV-itis. I thought I would just tune in and mock the show. I didn't think that I would become addicted. I'm talking about the Real Housewives franchise. Not just one series either. I'm currently watching D.C, New Jersey and Atlanta. I really want to see Beverly Hills (Paris Hilton's aunts are on it) but I think if I start recording anymore on the PVR The Boyfriend will have a stroke.

My very good friend Megara is leaving me. The jobs situation is so dire here in BC that she is going to Calgary. Obviously we're (I'm including you in this Record) happy for her that she found something, Lord knows its not easy. But we're very sad that she found something in Calgary. She'll be far away and I have no money to go visit (even though I currently have all the time in the world) and also Calgary isn't a place thats high on my list to visit anyway. Especially with winter coming quickly. Hello Canada? I live in Vancouver? I don't do winter. But like I said, congratulations to her for finding something related to what she ultimately wants to do!

That said, The Record and I are going to have to band together and really solidify our friendship if we are going to survive Megara's departure. First step? She invited me to go to the Canucks game with her on Saturday. We're best friends already.

Alright kidlets, I got Real Housewives calling...I mean I have job searching to do. This job searching kick is really getting in the way of my more leisurely habits.


  1. Wait a second... I thought I solidified our friendship with Lady Gaga?? It's a good thing I had those Canucks tix up my sleeve just as the Calagary bomb was dropped... I shudder to think of what may have become of us otherwise!

  2. i totally have to read a little wwtdd before i can really stay motivated to work a full day. working for 'yourself' is as scary as unemployment some days.
    i miss your blog, i gotta get back on it!

  3. Nothing better than the housewives!! It's like a train wreck but you can't look away.

  4. Back to the Future - great call. Definitely life changing.