Monday, November 29, 2010

Puppy Bruises

Its snowing outside. I'm telling you this because I just went on facebook and it seems like its snowing around the northern hemisphere today. Well snow is being proclaimed in Ireland, the Netherlands and Spain (and Vancouver!) which is basically the entire northern hemisphere wouldn't you agree?

Basically its cold. Not helping the situation is the fact that The Boyfriend's parents took off to Mexico yesterday. We dropped them off and everything. So while they are drinking fancy slushy drinks and lying in the sun reading, we are taking care of their dog and freezing.

She's very adorable- she's only 7 months old and she's a chocolate labrador. You just can't get more adorable than that. But she has some bad habits. She's a mouther. It was worse when she had sharp little puppy teeth because my arms were scratched up and bleeding, but now that its been downgraded to bruising, its not that much better.

She sleeps in the bed. I've never had a dog sleep in bed with me. It seems wrong. I mean she was very cuddly but I like to have space you know? And she snores. I'm a pretty heavy sleeper so it doesn't wake me up but The Boyfriend will wake up to the sounds of a butterfly's wings gently scraping past the window. I already know that I have a tendency to snore when I'm really tired or sick (and waking up at 5.30 to drive to the airport, spend the day looking after the needs of a puppy AND dinner at my parents' definitely qualifies me as being tired) so as The Boyfriend so astutely put it this morning "Now I got 2 b*tches snoring in bed."

That was after he hit me.

He meant to hit the bed to scare the dog from the mouthing she was doing, but I was still in bed and he slammed his hand down on my knee instead. My bad. I should have got out of bed.

A pretty eventful morning so far and its only 9.25. I should get up early more often, might get more stuff done. Or not. You never know. Besides the job searching, I would say that today's flurries call for reading and tea.

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