Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Jealous Of A 14 Year Old

You know, I have to say, I definitely thought that I would have another job by now. I definitely envisioned some time in between jobs, but not this much.

My 14 year old sister and I are currently in the same boat. I know, at 25, I didn't really think that I would have anything in common with a 14 year old either, but I also didn't think that I would be unemployed into November, so you know, nothing surprises me anymore.

So my sister. I feel like she should have a name...Oddball. Don't be offended. She's not awkward or anything and the nickname has far less to do with any characteristic of hers and more just something I started calling her when she was little and...well here we are. Now she's famous.

Anyway. Oddball and I are both currently at a crossroads. My crossroads involve my previous employer treating me like sh*t before finally losing my job and the future when I will hopefully have a job that I enjoy and be embarking on the beginning of a career or some sorts. Oddball's crossroads involve dreams of going abroad to be an au pair and live a glamourous life for her future writing career and fighting my mom to please let her get a job now.

Yeah, you read that right. My 14 year old sister is begging my mom to let her work.

The funny thing is, my mom totally gave me permission to work when I was 12. It was a real store and everything. But now, 13 years later (Lord I'm old in this context) she won't do the same for Oddball. And Oddball wants to work badly. So badly that she has enlisted my help to convince Mom that she should be allowed to work.

And I am doing my damnedest! I totally think she is old enough, and responsible enough, to go work at a movie theatre or a book store.

What do you think? Is 14 too young to get a job? The legal working age here is 15.

Aren't you jealous though? I mean she's 14, she literally has her whole life in front of her and she knows it! She knows that she can do anything she wants to, that she has endless possibilities for her future. The au pair thing is less something she wants to do and more something that she is going to do.

Meanwhile I spend my days in a half-a$$ed spare bedroom praying I find work before Christmas so that I can participate in the season instead of leering at people filled with joy from the sidelines. Drunk.


  1. Wow, 14? I would definitely say that's too young to work. Of course, it would depend on the individual but I would presume that the majority of 14s aren't ready for a full on career. Is your sister mature for her age?


  2. She is fairly mature for her age. And we're not talking about her getting work in an office setting up spreadsheets. I'm talking about her working at a movie theatre or the like. Have you been to the concession at a movie theatre recently? Not exactly mensa candidates you know? She could easily RUN that sh*t.

  3. haha yes i don´t think this is the starting of her career, per se, but more so a means of earning some money to do stuff she couldn´t do otherwise?? no way she is too young, 14? she´s dutch right? you know how many dutch 10 year olds have a hardcore, middle of the winter, deliver the paper before 5am jobs? why did your mom change her mind? what did you do wrong?? :P

  4. hahahhaha Angela, we're not talking a hardcore job here. We're talking a cushy movie theatre (free movies hello!) job or something at a clothing/book store where she gets a nice little discount!

  5. Its okay. Im jealous of Justin Bieber - he cant be much more than 14.

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