Monday, November 8, 2010

Extra Time For...Hitler??

Fall Back! Who doesn't love a good Fall Back?!?!

Fall Back is the single greatest thing to happen to our civilization since the wheel. Shows you how much I value my time to sleep doesn't it?

So the clocks went back an hour Saturday night- BAM! I get more sleep immediately. I wake up Sunday an hour "earlier" feeling rested AND productive (even though I promptly squandered the time by parking my butt on the couch watching TV and movies all day. Oh and reading. Food for the mind you know?).

Same thing this morning. I haven't been so stoked on Fall Back since...last year. But if you will recall, last year it wasn't all sunshine and roses owing to the fact that I still worked in a sh*thole with no hope of ever getting out. Fast forward a year and I'm unemployed, doing nothing with my life currently, but oh so much happier.

Man I love me some Fall Back. Especially this year since the Fall Back high I experienced on Sunday last year (and this year) is still with me on Monday morning. I feel like this is such a momentous occasion that I need to commemorate it with some kind of photo collage.

But I won't because I'm lazy and a photo collage sounds like a lot of work.

And now we have come to the controversial part of the blog today. Before we begin I would just like to say that the following is meant in jest and hope that we can all have a chuckle together at the f*cked up things my mind comes up with. Yes? If not, perhaps you should just skip to the end and leave me a comment that I can read later.

I've been working on reading Ian Kershaw's Hitler biography for over a year now. I agree, that does have to be some kind of a record. But have you ever seen the book in person? Its a mammoth sized book. It weighs a ton so its not exactly bus reading material you know (its over 1000 pages and it says HITLER on the spine. Taking it on the bus would be uncomfortable for so many reasons)?

Anyway, I'm making real progress. I've finally got to 1944 and have about 300 pages left. So at this point things are not going well for the Third Reich. They are losing left right and centre, the British are bombing the hell out of them, Hitler is working all the time, the people have lost confidence in him and he's falling apart.

Ian Kershaw is going on about how Hitler is working 24/7, how he is stressed all the time and starting to get really haggard looking. And I could relate. Before Hitler was a dictator he was a lazy artist. Well he pretended to be an artist. He lounged around Vienna, around great people and tried to do the least amount of work with the most amount of benefit to himself. In 1944, he has to work around the clock and he's sucking and he hates it.

I'm not saying I'm a lazy artist or that I ever worked 24/7 but let me tell you, when you hate your job, it starts to take a physical toll on you. You look beaten down, exhausted and old all the time, just like Hitler did. You're irritated with the people around you and you take it out on you. Are you seeing the clumsy parallel I'm drawing here? I mean its not like my job required me to find creative ways of killing people (did you know that Hitler liked to use the guillotine? More people died by guillotine during WWII than did during the French Revolution!) but it definitely didn't do anything good for the world.

Now let's be clear here- I'm not saying I sympathize with Herr Hitler. He kind of brought it on himself by insisting on doing everything himself, despite having no idea what he was doing. But I get the feeling.

So that's that. We went from Housewives on Thursday to Hitler on a Monday. Backwards progress perhaps. But its OK. I have all the time in the world today.


  1. I'm not sure that I follow your analogy between yourself & Hitler, but I definitely think it's cool that you're reading (however drawn out) his biography. Are his own writings up next by any chance? I find Hitler really interesting.

    In fact, in my first semester of college, I signed up for a Freshman Seminar on Hitler. I showed up with my notebook, appropriately labeled "Hitler", only to find out that I'd typed in the wrong code & was actually in an animation class. Can you say awkward? I flipped that notebook upside-down ASAP.

  2. I don't know that its drawn out, just that his life and his decisions were so complex and far reaching that it takes a while to explain it all. I'm just not much of a military strategist so some of it just makes me eyes glaze over.
    I bet you turned that notebook over quick! Did you ever get into the right class??

  3. I'm not much of a military strategist too, so I can grasp your difficulty there.
    No, I didn't get into the right class. It was only a 5-week class anyway, so I just stuck with animation. It was kind of fun anyway - we watched an pre-production episode of The Simpsons one week!