Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Rundown. Sort Of.

I keep trying to write a fitting ending to the blog for 2010 and I keep coming across like a douche. Apparently I have nothing interesting or funny to say about 2010. While I was living it (most of it anyway) it seemed pretty great. Sure the Olympics and I had some misunderstandings before they arrived but when they were here, they were glorious. Something to tell the grandkids for sure. Yeah I lost my job, but what kind of job was that anyway? It sucked! Getting laid off was awesome (aside from the fact that I didn't get to do any of the things I fantasized about had I been able to quit. Like throw John under the bus)

In an attempt to finish this post I keep looking back and reading some of the posts that I've read. I meant to compile a list of my favourite posts, or a list of lessons learned but honestly? I just didn't and now I'm reading them thinking, you know maybe I should have because some of those posts? They're not half bad. But I can't choose any specific ones to brighten your day with. So maybe that's something that you can do with your hangover. I promise the Cubicle Confusion archives are excellent.

Do you make resolutions at this time of year? I used to but I stopped because I don't follow through and its bad for my self-esteem. If you do make resolutions, more power to you. Maybe I will start making resolutions about things that I already do. Like I resolve to Be Awesome or Stay Blonde. Then I'm keeping my resolution and bettering my life but I'm also upping my self-esteem with some good old fashioned follow through.

Did I already mention to you all that we finally got our sh*t together and set up the spare room? I'm writing this to you from a shiny new desk. Well it will be a shiny new (to us) desk once we power sand the hell out of it and paint it a shiny new colour. I'm torn between blue and red. Leaning towards the red. But the blue is really great too. They are Behr colours: Licorice Stick and Blue Luxury. If you have nothing else to do maybe you want to investigate these colours for me and offer your opinion? There's a futon in here now too. A nice, organized, clean space for us to get stuff done in. Stuff like blog and find a great job and download movies. No I'm kidding, I don't job search on my own time anymore.

I think we're going to paint this room too. Right now its stock condo beige and I hate beige.

Going to be getting your drink on tonight? Its basically mandatory isn't it? I'm not the biggest fan of New Year's to be honest. Seems like its always one of those things where you're supposed to have a really great time but really? You spend a bunch of money to drink somewhere and then you end up dropped on the ground on the way to the skytrain which...only runs until like 2. I'm sure that Translink is googling themselves into the new year and so let me take this opportunity to say that you guys do a great job at Translink. Buses run on time and the operators are normally very pleasant. But we have a bit of a drinking and driving problem in this city and this citizen places some of that blame at your door. Offer better, longer service so that transit is a real possibility if you're out at the bar (not that I condone drinking and driving. I don't. But cabs are expensive and people are stupid. Transit should be a reliable option). The bars close at 2 or 3. Your last night bus (certain routes) leave downtown at 3.10. Ever try to reason with a drunk? Extend operating hours. At least on weekends. I'm not even going out tonight- we're having people over here and still people refuse to drink because there's no way to get home on the bus. Considering that I live at a bus loop, that's bad.

Alright, there's no need to drag this on any longer. Plus The Boyfriend is getting bored without my sparkling personality to entertain him. I hope that you have a wonderful and safe New Year's and that all your dreams come true in 2011!

Or you know, something that sounds like that but less douchey.

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