Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dear Santa

This morning I was all "this place is awesome! I can totally make a go of things here!"

I had my giant tea without an extra helping of attitude from the barista, I got a box of very nice chocolates from one of the bosses, was throwing around 'merry christmas' to all.

Spreading some goddamn holiday spirit I was.


Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. The office closes at noon. How great is that? Just 4 hours! So easy to get through, everyone will be happy and then we can all go home to celebrate.

Everyone leaving the office at noon take one step forward. Hold it Job Snob, not so fast.

Even though it's Christmas for the accounting dept it's largely business as usual. Which means that some very important stuff needs to go out tomorrow as per usual. Since FedEx can only guarantee that they will be here by 1 (and we close at noon) someone has to be here to wait on FedEx.

And who better than the TEMP (did I mention I'm a temp for the first 3 months?) who started 3 weeks ago? She can't possibly want to go home like everyone else? She probably doesnt have a Christmas Eve dinner in Ladner she wants to get to. No she'd definitely be the best (and cheapest) option here. And since the rest of us have the day off anyway, what other option is there?

Who cares? As long as we're not staying!

Dear Santa, Job Snob here. You'd agree I was pretty good this year right? Put up with a lot of sh*t, smiled and took it. Still tried to be positive. If I could ask for one thing this Christmas? Please send me a new job that recognizes my awesome and treats me with respect. A boss that doesn't take advantage of my good nature. If it exists Santa, I know you will make it happen. I've seen your work before. I'm a fan.

Merry Christmas folks. If you don't celebrate Christmas, I hope you enjoy some nice time off courtesy of the baby Jesus.

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  1. Wow i thought you were going to be happier at this new job. Seems like that optimistic attitude deflated quite rapidly. You do realize that happiness is a state of mind and not some magical property that appears out of nowhere. You should really consider trying to be happy and look at the positive side of things or honestly, you'll become just as miserable as you were at your previous job. You should feel so blessed to even have a job, where almost 3 million other capable canadian's are currently unemployed, not "funemployed". Chipper up, hard work and sacrifice always ends up good in the end ;)