Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What Would Jen Lancaster Do?

I have been at my new job for 2 days. The people? Are awesome. Everyone likes coming to work, enjoys the company of their co-workers. Its insane.

The holidays? Actually matter. Not just with some bullsh*t one hour lunch potluck and some half a$$ decorations either. Today? I organized a courier to pick up cases and flats of booze. The office will be closed for the week after Christmas. You know, so that people can go home, be with their families, enjoy the holidays instead of spending it back in the office?

Its not the most challenging job I've ever had, but the atmosphere is amazing and I have high hopes for a future with the company.

But all this newfound happiness and job-satisfaction leaves us with a conundrum: What to do with this here blog?

Obviously part of the charm here was that I was so professionally unfulfilled and let's face it, down right crusty about it.

Now I have no venom to spew about my working environment. You're probably thinking, "Give it time, its only been 2 days" and you would be right. But unless you have experienced working in the kind of place that I did (ask The Record, she knows what its like) you just can't understand how this works. A tense, crappy, horrible working environment? You can feel that sh*t right away. You can see it on people's faces and unhappy people will freely vent to the new people (come on, I did that all the time). It doesn't take long for the mask to slip and the real face of a company to emerge.

Where were we? Right. The blog. So I started this blog as way to rant and rave (anonymously) about the f*cktards I worked with. And then it became about my job search when they so unceremoniously dismissed me. And now I'm re-employed and the blog as is, just doesn't seem to work anymore does it?

I don't want to be one of those people that blogs about nothing. I had enough trouble with a theme and I don't have the Jerry Seinfeld/Jen Lancaster/Dave Barry talent of making nothing hilarious and feel like something. So what to do what to do?

Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions?

Obviously I'm not fashionable like my friend Niki so that's out. I don't have kids so no amusing anecdotes a la Mommy blogging. I toyed with the idea of a dog blog but I don't have a dog...yet. I mean unless people want to read about my quest to try and convince my boyfriend that I'm responsible enough to get one...

The only thing I have going on is that I like to read. But aren't there a lot of blogs like that out there already? I think I would really miss blogging if I just stopped.

So send me your ideas people. I would also really love it if I didn't have to be anonymous anymore.


  1. i say write about whatever happens to you in your everyday life. i like the lack of themes!

  2. I'm glad you love your new job! Jealous!

    But I totally agree with Megan. If you can't come up with a specific theme, how about just a general rundown of whatever is going on in your life? :o)

  3. I agree, too. I wanted to have a theme too, but the truth is that my interests change, & some thoughts that may be irrelevant to whatever theme I choose may be too good not to share. It sounds like you may be the same. At least for now, you could just go with themed posts (different every day) instead of a themed blog. And your societal observations are pretty interesting/funny.

    Otherwise, I don't think there can be too many blogs about books/reading.

    Oh also, you're totally right that you shouldn't have to be anonymous anymore!

  4. I say if you're more comfortable with themes, then definitely look into one. I don't know much about you but maybe you could try a theme where you do something new every weekend? Doesn't have to be anything expensive or anything, but you could blog about the process of picking something new during the week.
    Obviously, the more random the event, the better.
    If you want a dog for example, you coudl check out dog parks and maybe ask people questions about the various breeds you see there. I used to take my dog to the dog park and never lacked for material.
    Dunno, just a suggestion.
    I'm sure you'll come up with something. :)

  5. I like your writing style so even if you blogged about the mundane, or whatever, I would still read this. Keep up the writing!

    Like you've said, it helps you solve things and deal with things so no harm done! I really enjoy it. The only thing is, don't come out of anonymity just yet. Wait until you're famous.

  6. you could always post about the people you work with, there's always interesting people in every workplace! i love my job but still am highly entertained (or annoyed) by OCD-tupperware-washing-at-the-only-sink-lady or the cleaning crew that close off the bathrooms and the kitchen simultaneously for the daily chat moments leaving us without food, water, and toilet for an hour... i also love your writing style and i think you could describe mundane yet entertaining stuff like this very entertainingly... i'm sure there will be an oversharer at your work too (although ours beats the cake... raving about her upcoming boob enhancement) don't leave us!!!