Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Today I played solitaire.

I feel like that sums up my working experience at this new job. Obviously this blog is not going to become obsolete any time soon because it turns out I'm no closer to finding that something that I can do long term than I was when I was hobo-ing it up with the Housewives.

I just got back from my 9 hours in the office, a mind-numbing 9 hours that saw me get yelled at because the FedEx guy came too early, discuss fake toner vendors, and train the heavy lifting guy the art of the switchboard. Everyone seemed really concerned about whether I was going to be able to handle teaching someone else the switchboard. People, I've been here for 8 days, 7 of them on my own. Its not rocket science, its a switchboard.

Obviously the office would fall apart without me. We all know that the people that make the most money can't handle simple tasks like mailing stuff and scheduling conference rooms. But I'm boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooored. Did I mention its been 8 days? Eight whole days and I'm already this bored. People keep telling me that as they see that I've mastered the daily grind, I will be given more work. (Does it not look like I've mastered this sh*t yet?) But I'm not sure that it will make a difference. Yes, I will be busier (and that will help to ease the agony of playing solitaire and thinking of websites to visit that aren't blocked) but will I be doing anything worthwhile? Probably not (according to me anyway, and what is our generation about if not pleasing ourselves? [that came out wrong {hehehe, came}]). 

Master of the brackets.

Anywhoodle, all is not lost. I used a good chunk of the day to search for something new. I'm on my way to apply for 2 more jobs right now. One is another reception gig but at least this one would be at a company that I could see myself transitioning into a more permanent role. 

It seems likely that for now though, this will be my daily grind. I'm about to become a master of the solitaire (I'm already pretty damn good). There are some good characters in this place that I will have to introduce you to. And I guess the silver lining here is that I really don't have to do anything to change this here blog, because although the job has changed, I'm still searching for something better.


  1. so pretty much you were on 5 month-shitty job- hiatus? seriously...with the amount of balls you bust, can't someone appreciate that and give you the job you deserve? i'm sorry to hear your job sucks. i can't wait to hear if there are over sharers or veronica's (it took me about 2 minutes to remember the codename!)

    i'm getting all nostalgic cause it's almost been a year since the olympics....remember how they didn't tell us about any flex scheduling till a month before...and how you asked for a week unpaid off and was sick? yea that sucked :P

    after recieving that thing in the mail i told you about (mr. douchetastic getting his own business!) i've been thinking about hte good ol' days....when john accused me of not working, amy always listening to her ipod when veronica was yacking about her day but was quick to have it out if it was us. let me know when you have free time...i'm free after the 22nd till after new years (winter break).

  2. Well, when you master normal Solitaire to the point where even THAT bores you... you should try some Spider Solitaire. Definitely more challenging; it'll definitely eat up your time at the office better! :o)