Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Long Day

You know when you stop for a moment and think back to something that you did/happened earlier in the day and you get that feeling like you can't believe that that happened today? How it feels like it should have been days ago?
That is the kind of day I have been having.
The Squirrel decided to book an appointment for herself in the middle of a work day (even though she has every other Friday off) so she tells me first thing this morning that I am taking my lunch at 11:30 (asking is so overrated. So is planning ahead) so that she can leave (she has to cover my breaks). Also, because my first break will be so close to my lunch, I can just take 10 minutes for that (as if). And she hasn't done anything about getting my afternoon break covered. When I asked her about that last part she said that the Dinosaur isn't really concerned about getting my afternoon break covered.
Weird. Because I am.
When you are stuck at your desk all day, with no chance to even go to the bathroom should the need arise unless someone comes over to relieve you (ha!) you kind of look forward to the few opportunities you have in a day to walk away and let someone else deal with the idiosyncrasies that come with manning the front desk.
So I survived all of that. And then near the end of the day (when for the first time in weeks it seemed like it took decades to just hit 4pm [and I don't even get to leave until 5]) my email decided to just give out on me. I was right in the middle of something too. Because otherwise it just wouldn't be as much fun.
The email crash came right after my attempt at retrieving print outs from the printer down the hall. The printer that I have to use all the time but am not allowed to leave my desk to visit when I print things. So what happens? What do you think happens? My print outs get relegated to the recycling. I didn't have time to rifle through the recycling on my afternoon break (what's wrong with that picture? If you guessed "you're working on your break!" you get a prize. But not a real prize. Sorry) because the girl that was covering me (just long enough for a bathroom sprint and some scanning-stop, I'm making you jealous right?) needed to leg it out of the office as soon as possible too.
I've just been told to go take a look at something on the other side of the office to see if its something that I should order tomorrow. Let me just magically clone myself to watch the desk while I float over there to have a look at this set of drawers that needs to be inspected right now. The Dinosaur needs to get a grip.
Today was the first day in a while that I entertained myself with job searching at work. I was doing it half heartedly a couple of weeks ago (because I found myself really liking my co-workers and reveling in the foreignness of such warm, fuzzy feelings) but today was a little more serious. Figures that today is the day that I don't really find anything.
It would be great to work here if my team didn't consist of Squirrel and Dinosaur. (Do you kind of wish we had christened the Dinosaur the Moose too? Would have made for better titles and such.) But it does and so I find it hard to imagine what it would be like to actually work here long term.
As intellectually stimulating as laminating, updating phone lists, answering phones and placing lunch orders has been, I don't think that I can handle this long term (that does make me sound like an a-hole doesn't it? Its not like you didn't already know that I am one). Its a lot of work to be nice and smile at people all day while they look through you as though you weren't there and speak to you using their best grown up voice.
So I hope that you were nice to your Receptionist today because s/he's probably putting up with a lot of sh*t from different people. And I doubt its their life's ambition.
Its definitely not mine. But I guess for now, it will do?
Two more sleeps til Friday!


  1. She told you what time to take lunch rather than ask. Biatch!

  2. Its totally the principle of the thing. What if I had had something to do??