Thursday, January 27, 2011

Rage Stroke Kind Of Day

Friday can just not come fast enough this week! Thursday, normally such a great day because we are so close to the weekend, has been a total car wreck of a day.
It started off wrong when Starbucks forgot to add the all-important vanilla to my tea and it was just downhill from there. Starbucks is definitely not allowed to remind me anymore that tea lattes already have vanilla in them because if I had a nickel for every time they haven't added it when I have specifically asked for it...well I'd have a lot of friggin' nickels. And I don't really even have any use for nickels. They don't work in vending machines or parking meters, or any other change receptacle. Really, unless you are counting out your change when paying for things, do you use nickels? Maybe you roll them and then you have all much is in a roll of nickels? $5? Whoa, crazy money.
Yeah, I just went on a nickel tangent. One time I gave a guy a nickel as change and he was all "oh I got a nickel back! Did you know that that's how Nickelback got their name? Because that was the change that they got from something?" and I was all buddy you better move along because I'm about to rage stroke right the f*ck out.
Moving on.
I haven't told you about Jaxon yet. I'm calling him Jaxon (with an X because that's so much cooler) because I can't stand the name and I feel like someone needs to bring attention to the fact that people are calling their kids some f*cked up shit. Like Jackson is so offensive? If you have to go with the last name first name, you can't at least give your kid a chance with a normal spelling?
Anyway, I'm calling the coffee delivery guy Jaxon because the name offends me and Jaxon's presence offends me also.
Once a week Jaxon arrives in the office to go around to all the different kitchens on all the different floors and make sure that we are stocked up on essentials like milk, cream, coffee, tea etc. All vital things if you want your employees to be awake when they are here and not kill each other by the end of the day. If I have the misfortune of being at my desk when he arrives there are at least 5 minutes of banter that I have to endure. I try to get him moving along as quickly as possible but its not always possible because people like Jaxon are not too adept at taking a hint. Anyway, once he gets his pass to go through all the kitchens and make sure we have everything I don't have to see him for more than an hour.
But at some point we're all stocked up and he has to come back so that I can sign his invoices.
The first time he made some comments about how smart I was because I was able to sign 4 sheets of paper in the space of 30 seconds. Apparently the fine art of initialling, flipping the page and initialling some more takes some folks quite a while to master.
Since then he has made it a point to let me know that this coffee delivery gig is just a day job, that his real passion lies in his graphic design abilities. At first I didn't really realize how creepy he can be, I just assumed that he had some kind of learning disability. I have trouble being a real a-hole to people that I don't actually know. And its my job to be nice. Really. I know, how did I get that kind of job? I don't know. People like my energy.
The last couple of weeks I have noticed a definite creep factor in our interactions. This week he crossed over into full on creep show. I accidentally ripped one of the pages out of his invoice book. I apologized and went to tape the page back in. He came over, stood right close to me and was like "whoa, you don't have to be so rough! You can be gentle but still firm!" He carried on in this way for a while. I wish that someone had been here with me so that a) I didn't feel so violated and b) someone else could have witnessed this creep show carrying on.

I asked Debbie about it (she's the girl that I replaced and has been all manner of helpful to me in the past several weeks. And also, she's pretty awesome) and she said that she also gets the creep vibe from him. That he still comes over to her now that she's not sitting at the front desk and will have conversations with her when she's clearly got work to do.
Before he leaves, he helps himself to a cup of coffee. What is that about? You don't have access to your own coffee in your role? You deliver coffee? Why are you taking ours?
Luckily he's only here once a week. Just happens to be on the day that I also have to order supplies for 4 different floors keeping in mind the needs of all the employees while dealing with the Dinosaur's stingy nature.
Oh Friday my Friday. I'm ready for you!

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