Monday, January 17, 2011

Awesome By Association

Lots to catch up on today peoples.

Let's start with the most important: today I got a cookie.

The IT department had lunch ordered in and they got cookies. One of the IT guys came up to me after the meeting, with a chocolate chunk cookie (which everyone knows are so much better than chocolate chip cookies) wrapped in a napkin, accompanied by a bottle of apple juice.

To know me is to know that I love cookies. They are starting to know me (not in the Biblical sense, ew). Progress has been made.

Next: how crappy were those Golden Globes? Are you really telling me that Glee is better than 30 Rock and Modern Family? That Burlesque is somehow good enough to be nominated? That The Tourist, ripped by the critics, is worthy of acting and picture nods? I think not. And while I'm normally a huge fan of Ricky Gervais and his brand of comedy, last night he probably went too far. He got off on the wrong foot and I blame him for all the ensuing cringe-inducing awkwardness including Robert DeNiro's self-deprecating speech crowned with a joke about deporting waiters. Awkwardness abounded, but unfortunately for everyone, it wasn't the funny kind.

Now for some very encouraging news on the job front. Not for me. But its still exciting. My friend Niki, of A Haute Mess started her own PR company, Social Chair. And! She was featured in an article in String Magazine! Which you can find here. Although she thinks she sounds like an old man, I think she has some excellent advice and I particularly like the final quote. Way to go Niki!

And yes, you will have to read the article to find out what she says about finding the perfect job.

Obviously this makes me extra awesome by association.

In other news, I fell down today. Not that this is totally unexpected or unusual. I have fallen in all manner of shoes, in all manner of places but I pretty much always injure my ankle. The shoes that I chose to wear today are missing what turns out to be kind of a vital piece of the sole (the little bit that goes on the end of the heel?) and I have been fighting gravity all day as a result. We have a marble lobby in the building which is not conducive to walking sans balance-helping piece of shoe. I nearly fell twice, both times I saved myself with my natural poise and grace.

The third time, not so much.

The third time saw me, bags on shoulder, mail in one hand (a pile, to be dropped in the mailbox in the lobby), rainboots in the other (it wasn't raining and I had a ride home, no need for weather proof foot wear) when I put my foot down on the wrong part of the shoe and went careening towards the wall. I managed to hold onto the mail, but the boots went flying and there were plenty of witnesses this time.

Credit to the Vancouverites who saw this go down and didn't walk away pretending not to notice though. One gentlemen even stayed longer than was strictly necessary to make sure that I really was OK. I'm sure his family is having a concerned chuckle over dinner right now.

Anyway I didn't hurt my ankle, which was different. But I seem to have messed up my hand. Naturally typing up a blog post seemed like the best therapy.

Finally, did you know that today is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year? It is. Today is Blue Monday. Some combination of weather, post-Christmas bills, and the lack of follow through on New Year's resolutions make today the most depressing day. Oh and its Monday. For once though, for me, it wasn't that bad. Did you make it through OK?

I did also have some points to make about moustaches but this has already been so informative and long running that I feel like I should save that for some other time.


  1. though nominated in different categories, i'm pretty annoyed at the fact that burlesque won more awards than inception.

    and though the social network was a great movie, inception was way better and should've won best movie. just saying.

    i miss you.

  2. ps. i love how there's a delay when i come onto the site cause it greets me the only way something that's attached to you would. books! that is all.

    so i don't know if i mentioned this when i last saw you but i'm going back to school for baking! i don't know about the same school, i'm going to try to go to the one marshall went to cause it's a shorter time. we'll see!