Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Rubber Mallet

How was my meeting you ask?
Well you know that feeling when you have a headache? And your brain feels like its rolling around in your head, bumping against your skull?
OK, now imagine feeling like that, and then handing someone a rubber mallet. Now this person uses the rubber mallet to hit you in the head. Repeatedly.
Now give them some white hot needles. To stab in your eyes.
And have them pluck out your fingernails.
One. By. One.
That's kind of what it was like. If I was also forced to watch episodes of Barney (which I hated even as a child).
Fun right? Oodles and oodles of fun.
Nothing got done. We talked around in circles for an hour. I think in the end the Squirrel was left with no responsibilities and my role may have doubled. So if you are the Squirrel this afternoon, you feel like you accomplished quite a bit.
I only got one day of training when I started because a) its a Reception gig, not rocket science and I'm not an idiot and b) the girl that I replaced already had a million things to do in her new role and couldn't spare the time to show me everything. So I have been muddling through on my own (and doing a damn fine job). Part of the reason for the meeting today was so that the Dinosaur, 6 weeks after I started, could go over my role and responsibilities with me. So she finally paid attention to all the things I have been telling her that I need to learn.
Now all afternoon I have been getting emails from her with things like "please don't hesitate to let me know if you have questions when you're not sure about something" and "please ask me any time you need any clarification". Which would have been super helpful 6 weeks ago, but now is just kind of condescending. I like how they are surprised that I haven't been putting New Hire kits together- I have definitely mentioned at least once a week how I don't know what these New Hire kits are and could someone please show me what is involved in this? And no one has.
Anyway, I guess that stupidity (blissful, blissful ignorance) is part of what makes the world go round. If people like the Squirrel and the Dinosaur didn't have jobs, what would happen to them? Let's brainstorm-what do you think would happen to them?
So that's what kind of day I had. At least the Oscar nominations came out today so that I could distract myself with reading a myriad of articles about snubs, sure-things and the Canadian connections. I have some movie watching to do in my future!

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