Monday, January 10, 2011

New Haircuts

Today it seemed like everyone had made a pact to get their hair cut over the weekend. Is that a new years thing? Or a cyclical thing? Like its been 6 weeks or 3 months or whatever since everyone last got their hair done so they all got it done at the same time again this week.

Whatever the reason, it was pretty amusing (at first) to compliment everyone on their new do's. Until it became tiring and I started pretending that I didn't notice.


Because I'm an a-hole like that.

I got really sick last week. So I called it in on Thursday. And then again on Friday. And I was fully preparing myself for some employers' guilt about the fact that I dared to get sick on a week day. Well I'm sure it was always less about actually getting sick and more about the fact that I actually had the nerve to take a sick day and take the time to rest and get better instead of stuffing myself full of medication and heading out the door to brave the outside world and prolong the misery that is the seasonal cold.

Anyway, I'm not sure how much help I would have been had I decided to suck it up and go to work anyway. I was basically delirious from fever. I probably would have passed out at my desk. Remember when the woman at my old job passed out at her desk from a walking pneumonia and Amy, who was sitting right beside her, didn't even notice until Maurice walked by and told her?

God, I never miss that place.

So yeah. Understandably (see above) I was a little nervous about coming back after 2 days' illness.

And you know what? Nothing was left for me to do when I came in this morning. Nothing was deemed my responsibility and left for my return. If anything, there was less on my desk than there was when I left it. People just wanted to make sure that I was feeling better.


Today was a Monday and honestly, I didn't even really feel like it was a Monday. I mean, obviously there is the week still stretched out ahead of me, plenty of opportunity for sh*t to hit the fan. But I'm still in the habit of comparing everything at my new job to the way things were at the old job and when you look at it that way...well I can pretty much handle anything Monday in the new job throws at me.

In fact, there was actually a sense of camaraderie with my co-workers about the slow-like-molasses-ness of certain parts of this Monday. We're all trapped in Monday, but its all good. Its Monday now but its Tuesday tomorrow and once you can get over Tuesday, well its all downhill to Friday. Plus there is always booze to help you through the rough spots.

I'm still not totally 100% that this place is for me. Like I said, past Reception I don't know what I would do there. But for now, I will take the paycheque with this newfound workplace peace. Because while you readers might be disappointed that my post is lacking its usual bite, I'm kind of OK with it. For now. It means that I'm not fighting through every single work day. Which is kind of a nice feeling.

Love and light... I'm kidding about that last part. In fact to show you how much I'm kidding about that love and light (no I didn't pick that up from the Real Housewives of New Jersey. No I didn't! Fine. I did) let me just tell you that last week some co-workers and I watched the aftermath of a pedestrian getting hit by a postal truck. A comment may or may not have been made about watching social Darwinism in action (survival of the fittest) and this blogger may or may not have laughed. Obviously we wish the pedestrian a speedy recovery but if you're going to be an idiot and jaywalk across a slick, foggy, rainy Vancouver street...well maybe you deserve to get hit by a postal truck.

Just sayin'.

Here's to Tuesday.

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