Monday, February 14, 2011

Cupid's Arrow

Today is Valentine's Day. So you're probably one of 2 minds. All loved up and enjoying the warm fuzzy feeling of the day OR railing against the commercialism of a greeting card holiday.

Well in an effort to appease both sides of the Valentine's Day camp, I've compiled a list of some nice and some not-so-nice  Valentines....things.

I don't know if you've been reading a lot of articles online today, but I have (its been an unbelievably slow day and half the office has either been hopped up on V-day sugar treats or crashing down from their sugar highs) and there is an abundance of feel good V-day love stories.

Here you can find some pictures of Valentine's Day celebrations around the world. I especially like the one about padlocks in Poland. Sounds intriguing doesn't it? Guess you'll have to take a peek.

How about this one about a couple married for nearly 65 years. In a culture of celebrity marriages ending in quickie divorces, this kind of staying power is impressive and rare and should be celebrated. Not to be outdone are these guys celebrating an astounding 72 years of marriage. And they still seem like they actually enjoy each other's company. Adorable. Inspiring. No matter where you sit on the whole Valentine's Day issue.

If even that's too sweet for you and you're really just looking to get your mojo running (have you watched any Austin Powers recently? I have. Still great) then what about this app to help you do so freely and safely? Nothing says romance quite like free condoms after all.

There is of course an official anti-Valentine's Day movement. They call it Single Awareness (or Appreciation) Day. Participants wear green (the opposite of red, naturally) or black (mourning) to denote their stance against Cupid and give gifts to themselves.

Did you know that in Finland Valentine's Day doesn't celebrate romantic love, rather platonic love? AKA Friendship? So next year if you really can't stand the thought of another commercial romance-laden vomit fest courtesy of Cupid, perhaps you should make your way to Finland and celebrate good old fashioned Friendship?  You'd either have to have some Finnish friends to visit or you'd have to take some really good friends with you (the kind that won't mind schlepping out to Finland for some super chilled vacation time) but at least you have another option.

And finally, because no matter how you feel about Valentine's Day, everyone loves puppies! The Westminster Dog Show is going on over the next couple of days! They are introducing some new breeds and really, pictures of puppies getting primped are hilarious

Enjoy the rest of your Valentine's Day whatever you have planned.

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