Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mid-Week Drinking

After a few crazy days here in the office, I was quite looking forward to the chance to catch up with some lady friends over glasses (read: bottles) of wine. My thought process leading up to the evening went something like this:

OK I am really ready for tonight. Its been a crazy afternoon and a glass of wine is just what I need to make this all better. I will cut a little loose this evening and tomorrow I will be so refreshed and ready to get through the remainder of the week. I'll just stop and get a bottle of wine, there's gonna be 5 of us and it would suck if we ran out of wine! I won't get crazy though-I mean, I have to work in the morning! Don't want a hangover, haha! You know what I'll do? Have a glass of wine, have a glass of water. I'll still be enjoying myself but I won't get carried away. I'm sure that [insert my friend's name here] doesn't have crazy huge wine glasses anyway. Totally have this under control! Besides, there is nothing that a venti vanilla earl grey tea latte courtesy of Starbucks can't fix!

This morning my thought process was more like:


My friend had huge wine glasses, I didn't alternate my wine with water, Starbucks totally failed to put vanilla in my tea and I was totally hungover at work.

For most of the day in fact. Wasn't until after lunch (I meant to get something healthy but ended up with 2 slices of perfect awesome pizza to soak up all the leftover alcohol in my system. That and the advil really worked wonders. I also, for the first time in my life, took back the crappy a$$ Starbucks and asked them to please make it again. I told them that I was really sorry but there was no vanilla in my drink and I really needed a good drink because I was hungover and tired. And they made it again (it was delicious) AND gave me a coupon for a free drink next time. Which made my day.

That and the fact that I got a present from a woman that started working here on Tuesday! This is her 3rd day and she brought me a present! I like this lady. Its one of those little notebooks/day planners but its got a really pretty cover. I'm one of those people that totally flips for stationary. Very exciting. Oh did I mention that the dayplanner is in German? Yeah, thats why she thought of me- because she thought I spoke German. Its close enough to Dutch that I know what's going on but yeah that was a confusing moment in my hangover.

As far as hangover work days go, this one hasn't been too bad. I feel like I'm through the worst of it now. Those of you that have been reading for a while (and good on you for sticking it out this long hoping something good will come of it!) will know that I have a strict policy about hangovers. I feel like because its self-inflicted and 100% preventable (just like teen pregnancy) I still have to go to work. No matter what. Always been that way. Even when I was a cashier at Michaels (arts & crafts superstore) back when I was 18 or 19 I would show up for my weekend shifts. Sure I might smell like rum (no strength for a shower- that's why I switched my beverage of choice to vodka) and be slightly disheveled, but I was present, ready and mostly able to work.

Work ethic people.

By the time I post this I will be done with work for the day. But right now, there is some laminating that desperately needs to get done so if you will excuse me...enjoy what's left of your Thursday!

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  1. Better than showing up to work drunk. Not that I would know. Nuh uh.