Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Time Crunch

I wrote this yesterday before I decided to get all current events-y on your a$$. Please excuse the formatting-Blogger doesn't seem to want to cooperate in any way.

Boy was it hard to get out of bed this morning. If you're like me and sleep with the window open (glorious, glorious fresh air), you'd have been all cozy and warm in bed this morning too. And it would have been that much harder to throw off the blankets and step out into the brisk, brisk morning air. Awful way to start Monday morning.

The morning wasn't actually too bad. Maybe it was the low expectations, maybe its the better work environment, maybe its a change in attitude in yours truly.
But the afternoon? Dragging.
I have nothing to do. There is only so much couriering and laminating that I have to do in a day. Its not supply ordering day, I've sorted what mail there is, updated all lists, checked the faxes...in short I have done everything that I'm supposed to do daily as well as the myriad of little tasks that are thrown at me. Check and check.
Now I'm finding myself hoping the phone will ring so that for the 15 seconds it takes to answer and redirect a call, I will have something to do. Maybe someone will email me a request. Maybe the FedEx guy will arrive so that I will have someone to talk to for 30 seconds.
The papers all over my desk have been sorted and cleared as much as possible. I've crossed off the miniscule tasks I write on my To Do list, the kinds of things that I write down just to have the pleasure of crossing them off. Things like Fax Timesheet and give sheet to so and so from so and so.

And still its not time to go home.
I went through the drawers and cabinets and straightened them up as much as possible. I've thrown out the stuff that isn't pertinent and rearranged the stuff that is. I've messaged my cousin, The Record and my friend Mona who just quit her job for a flash new one. (I'm sorry to report that Mona will no longer be harassed by the security personnel that sit nearby. Mona pretends like she hates it but we all know that she's going to miss it)
I've already exhausted all local and national news sites, tried to circumvent the entertainment news filter and googled everything from Lionel Logue to unique dog names (got any for me?).
I've looked at local breeder sites (except the ones that require the kind of software that is not installed on company computers) and caught up on some blogs (again the ones that I'm allowed to).

And still its not time to go home.
I've updated my books read list (stagnant at 6 because I can't finish Daniel Deronda in a timely fashion!) and added to the books I'd like to read (any suggestions?). My calendar has been updated for this week-not that there is that much going on, but its been updated nonetheless. I've offered teams help with the little things that they might need done (regardless of the fact that I hate to do the little things).

I've entertained the thought of playing solitaire. But it seems early to blatantly wave the boredom in other people's faces. I've discussed the weather, my weekend, people's whereabouts 100 times today, answered questions about everything from sending mail, to supply orders and back. I've made life easier for my colleagues and greeted guests with a smile.
I'm exhausted and bored but its not time to go home.
Anyone else kind of wish that I had the talent to turn this into some kind of poem with rhyming and stanzas and stuff?
Yeah me too. That probably would have helped time move along before I got to go home.


  1. Sounds like you already did everything in your power to make the day a little bit more productive. Maybe you can use this time to read or write? I'm assuming you're allowed to read at work because you read some work appropriate blogs.

  2. I don't think I'm allowed to read/write per se. But I'm sneaky and do it anyway. And if I pulled out a book and started reading at my desk (Daniel Deronda....Lord PLEASE let me finish this book SOON!) I don't think anyone would be impressed.