Monday, February 7, 2011

Winter Reads Courtesy of Jen Lancaster

I thought I had my Monday morning sh*t together.

Then I almost walked into a glass door.

I'd already had my caffeine fix so that wasn't an excuse. I did notice before impact and therefore avoided said glass door. But just barely. And I'm sure that people noticed me weaving around to the actual door. Its kind of amazing that I didn't fall down in the process really.

So I didn't have my sh*t together as well as I had hoped, but I have made it through Monday relatively unscathed. I didn't even burn the office down (although every time I go past one of the branches of the company I used to work for, I get the urge to do something damaging to them). Progress.

Because its Monday and they are hard to get through and you've made it and therefore you deserve a treat here's the link to Jen Lancaster's Winter Reading Picks! Definitely going to be looking out for Its All Relative by Wade Rouse and Its Not Me Its You by Stefanie Wilder- Taylor.

You know, if I ever get to read a new book ever again.

Have you heard about my Daniel Deronda plight? I've been reading this book for going on 3 weeks and for me that is a mother f*cking eternity.

Its not that its not a good book. Its George Eliot. Of course its a good book. But sometimes you choose books that are not the right fit for your needs at that time. Probably don't want to be choosing heavy Victorian literature with a tendency towards religious enlightenment and the torment of the soul, for 7am bus reading. I don't like passing out on the bus (what if I start snoring? Not that I ever snore. But you know,what if I started?!) but George Eliot is not helping my cause.

OK. I know. Short post today. Kind of cheated too because I totally just stole genius words from Jen Lancaster and added some words of my own. But I almost walked into a glass wall today guys? I can't be trusted to carry on.

Plus the hockey game is about to start. And if the Score and Win name today (for those of you not in Canada, Safeway chooses specific products as Score and Win products- if they draw your name and a player scores 5 goals in one game, you get $1 million) is Jennifer McLean I will lose my mind because that is definitely not the phone number I gave the cashier today.

And that would happen today because that's the kind of day its been.

Tuesday thoughts, Tuesday thoughts!

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