Saturday, August 21, 2010

Drinking And Posting

You know what's a good idea? Drinking and posting while you are unemployed and drinking. Heavily.

The plan the whole time was to enjoy the summer, reflect and consider my options. It has quickly come to light that my only options include drinking myself into oblivion and refraining from posting completely inappropriate comments on Veronica's wall. Things like "you made my life hell" and "your nails will never look as good as mine!"

Which they won't.


I would be lying if I said I hadn't spilled rum and coke all over my prospective mother-in-law's kitchen. Kind of like I would be lying if I said I had been looking for a job.

I have found out the identity of Jack the Ripper (Walter Richard Sickert). I have discovered that Big Foot candies taste like Swedish Fish or Swedish Berries. Also The Boyfriend likes to go to bed early as opposed to staying up and explaining things to his Mom.

Fine. I am drunk now too. And I have not even looked for a new job yet. Not one listing. At all. BUT I have decided to see Huey Lewis and the News at the local fair on Wednesday. Progress is meausured in baby steps after all.

Did I mention I had been drinking?

I've made good friends with The Boyfriend's sister's prospective stepdaughter (she assigned me some learning puzzles about space and the human body) but as she is 8 I can't imagine this will help my job prospects.

You would be right in assuming that I have made zero job progress this summer.

Want to know what else? The panic is starting to set in. Aside from the lake friends and the binge drinking. What if I am unemployed for the rest of the year? What if I end up with another crappy job?Or even less (even possible???) money?

The panic is setting in. Drinking or not. Advice please.

Yup. That's my post. All week long and this is my material?? Am fired from blogging too.

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  1. Maybe the 8 year old stepdaughter can put some of your resumes in her lunchbox and hand them out in the school cafeteria.

  2. You lush :) Truth be told, I am totally jealous and would like a drinking fest myself. But, alas, I am still stuck in my cubicle!