Monday, August 9, 2010

Plan Pretensions

So I'm back. More or less. The time away was much needed. Mostly so that I could completely ignore everything that happened right before I left. Vodka is really so helpful in situations like this. Also, there was a puppy.

First of all, thank you to all of you that left me messages, sent me texts or drank with me to make me feel better about the whole thing. It all comes down to ego. I didn't leave them, they dismissed me. A bitter pill to swallow at this point. Obviously its for the best- I don't have to work there anymore. This whole week, while they are being painfully polite, pretending that they aren't angry to be dimissed 6 weeks ahead of schedule, I'm sitting at home, being a drain on society.

I am kind of miffed that I'm missing the ice cream sundae party on Friday afternoon. They are so right- ice cream totally makes up for losing your job.

So I had to rename the blog. Cubicle Confusion just didn't apply anymore, not having a cubicle to be confused in. It was a little bittersweet though. Necessary but bittersweet.

Here's the plan. Obviously I learned something at that sh*thole: Don't settle. So this time around, I'm not going to settle. I will probably take the rest of the summer off, not look too seriously, if only because I kind of need the headspace to recover from the past 2 and a half years. I don't want to go to my new place of employment and assume that my boss' sole purpose in life is to screw me over. Come September, I will look hard. And I will find something, and that is the plan.

You'd think coming up with that plan was simple, but it really wasn't. Also, am feeling a suspicious lack of panic at being unemployed. I figure this is the Universe's way of showing me that I need the headspace recovery time.

Last night, knowing that I would have to deal with some more unpleasantness that couldn't be resolved last week, I had employment dreams. I went for an interview in an apartment across the courtyard from me. It was a bakery. In an apartment. I know. I love baked goods too. So the woman who sort of ran it (she was from Courtney that's why she lived in the bakery. Made sense to me too) literally got out of bed when I walked in and then she gave me some things to do. Apparently in my brain, interview = employment. It was so much fun. Turns out I'm really talented in the baked-goods-as-art department. And there was drinking. On a boat.

What do you think it means? I've missed my calling?

It means I need to stop eating dinner so late and not procrastinate. So first thing this morning, I made the call to the HR department so that I could sort out my severance and an extension date. Its all sorted now and I don't have to think about it too much.

Reading this back it sounds more like a to do list than a witty, yet informative, blog post. I'm sorry about that. My brain is still at the lake, wondering what the hell I'm doing up so early. Wow, its not even that early. What a lazy girl Meh, I'm clearly getting better at this 'drain on society' thing. I should be proud.

I guess this was more of a 'hey I'm not dead' kind of post. I will try to do something interesting today so that we have something to work with tomorrow. I do believe that there is some daytime television that needs watching. I do already have pyjamas on...I'm so productive.

Admit it, aside from the I-don't-get-paid part of the equation, considering its Monday, you're jealous.