Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Heat Wave

So I didn't go to the doctor. When it was time to leave I reasoned myself and The Boyfriend out of the need to go. I'm really good at reasoning stuff like that. I've been wearing a tensor on my knee when I walk and since Saturday night there has been a huge improvement. Obviously something isn't seriously wrong. And that's what the doctor will tell me too.

The problem with this heat (for me) is that there isn't a whole lot of stuff that I feel like doing. Everything requires entirely too much effort and I have no intention of spending the day outside baking in the sun so that in 20 years I'm all leathery. This woman getting into the elevator in front of me yesterday? Her back had been tanned but then she burned and her whole back was this really dark red. You know that's going to be painful later.  I don't even think she had realized it yet. And that's the problem with hot weather like this-people don't take proper steps to protect themselves from the sun.

I do. I stay inside. Or find shade if I absolutely have to be outside. Covered in high SPF sunscreen of course.

I found stuff to do anyway. Because I'm a champion who isn't going to let a stinkin' heatwave get me down. I cleared out some of my PVR. Its a good thing Say Yes To The Dress is on every week because now I have no more episodes recorded. This serves 2 purposes: wedding dress porn and it makes The Boyfriend happy that not all of our PVR space is dedicated to my shows. Although it still mostly is. He has Rudy recorded and that's about it I think.

I finally did laundry. This has been on my To Do list since I got laid off but it just didn't ever seem to actually get done. The way I play this game is that as long as there is still clean underwear, I'm good. I should probably change the way I think about laundry since I'm getting to be on the more serious side of my 20s. I'm going to go with blaming the heat for this one. Obviously part of my brain has melted. Now the laundry is done and it feels good. I definitely questioned my decision to do the laundry yesterday in the heat of the day when I pulled loads right out of the dryer though. That stuff is hot!

Besides not being able to fall asleep last night (see heat) when I finally did fall asleep I was awoken by itchy mosquito bites at 4.30. This is prime sleeping time (aside from the fact that being unemployed I didn't exactly need to be up at a specific time, but still) but I was scratching the hell out of my limbs. How the hell did I get mosquito bites in the city? Do I now have West Nile? I'm going back up to the lake tomorrow so I guess I should consider this a preview, but mostly I consider it uncomfortable. Especially if I end up with West Nile.

Speaking of the lake, we made an important decision regarding our trip yesterday: there will be slushy drinks. When we went up last time it was all rum and cokes, wine, vodka, red bull, beer but no slushy drinks. I feel like slushy drinks would be both fun and refreshing, so slushy drinks there will be.  This is important because while you are on any kind of vacation you want to select the correct drink for your purposes. Relaxing weekend for 2? Wine of course. Crazy bachelor/bachelorette weekend? Start with vodka, work your way to shots, tequila or otherwise. Mexico? Slushy drinks. Trying-to-recreate-Mexico-because-you-are-too-poor-to-actually-go-because-you-are-unemployed-and-a-lake-seems-as-good-a-place-as any-to-try-for-the-re-creation? Slushy drinks.

Exciting prospects ahead eh?

Alright kids, I see a trip to Wal-Mart in my future.

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  1. slushy drinks are good anytime, any place.
    i once bought new underwear instead of doing laundry.

    stay classy, girl.