Thursday, August 12, 2010

No One Works In These Parts

Several weeks ago, during the semi-finals of the World Cup my brother texted me "you do know that no one works in this city."

It wasn't even a question, it was a statement of fact.

See I had been watching second halves of games on weekdays because I worked in an office that didn't have a TV. Had they had a TV I seriously doubt that anything would have changed of course. But I digress. My brother, working in a nightclub, had his days gloriously free to watch entire games in the comfort of his local pub. I thought that the pub must have been pretty quiet, it being a week day. But my brother assured me that this wasn't the case. Apparently no one works in this city.

At the time I thought he must just be full of sh*t. That the neighborhood that he lived in was filled with students and service industry workers so of course out there, no one would be working. I was caught up in my own little 9-5 hustle in the centre of the city, the financial district no less, so of course everyone around me was rushing to work. Taking the bus in the morning, everyone was dressed for the office. At 12.30 I used to be able to watch them all scurry around on their lunch hours (you know, back when I had a window?). At the days' end we all crowded each other at the bus stop, desperate to get a seat, desperate to just get home already.

Now that I don't have a job, now that I'm not part of the hustle, I have to admit that my brother was right. I don't like to admit that other people are right but honestly, how come no one in this city works?

Living where I do, on top of a mountain, in a city that enjoys driving I'm surprised to find that the cars in my underground are pretty well permanent residents. They never move. I never knew this before because a) I took the bus and b) by the time I got home at 5.30 a lot of the cars were "back". I assumed that they were back anyway.

The Boyfriend and I have been running errands a lot this week. Mostly the kind of errands that don't cost us any money. But everywhere we go is filled with people not working. They are enjoying leisurely lunches (not dressed for work that's for sure), heading for a work out, enjoying the sunshine. Its like some kind of twilight zone episode. How are all these people paying the rent?

My guess is that we live in a city that sees a lot of people owning their own companies, or working freelance as consultants or something. The kind of jobs that allow you to set your own hours. Work that allows you to take advantage of beautiful days, extra long weekends and mornings where you just can't deal.

See what you find out about your surroundings when you don't have a Cubicle view to blur your vision?

Remember that job that I interviewed for 3 weeks ago? The job with the old company that I don't actually want? I've heard back from 2 of my references that they were contacted and gave me glowing references. One actually said that they would be fools not to hire me.

Which is awesome. Not that I had any doubts about my references coming through for me, but still nice to hear. But like I said, I don't want the job. And it would be a lot easier if they just didn't choose me. On the other hand my "get the interview, get the job" streak could be alive and well.

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  1. same exact feeling here.
    what the hell do all these people do to pay the rent?! all these kids lounging in the park, or hanging at the coffee shop! yes, true, the hubby and i are also free during the day, all day, because we have no real jobs... but...still... we don't get it that so many people can be in the same boat. and why don't they look as stressed as we feel?!