Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Printer Problems

The best thing about being unemployed so far? Drinking in the middle of the week/day. Obviously I practiced last week but that was different: I was on vacation, mid day drinking was expected.

But being back in the city now, facing the layoff music, drinking in the afternoon is a nice little perk. 

I'm not saying that I have been smashed every day this week- far from it. But I like that there is the option. And it was totally mom-approved.

Instead of the dog walk park yesterday, my mom, 2 sisters and I ended up at Wal-Mart. Obviously almost the same thing as the dog walk park. Then she made me lunch. And there happened to be wine in the fridge and I got a glass. I didn't even have to ask, she just knew. So there we were, sitting in the sunshine, with a light lunch and a glass of wine.

If you ask me, unemployment just isn't that bad.

I don't have a printer. Never needed one while I had a job that had lots of printers. Now I'm finding it kind of a pain in the butt to have to print stuff. I needed to print a bunch of stuff related to my "termination" so I thought I would kill 2 birds with a wine-soaked stone: print, hang out with parents. 

Well the issue at my parents' is that the printer is in the playroom, which belongs to 3 rather rambunctious children. The printer cable was missing. Since the children could have used the cord to tie each other up, we asked them for it. No dice. My irritation threshold is not very high when dealing with tasks that I don't like so I immediately called The Boyfriend for a solution. True to form he found a printer place up the street that we could use. Meanwhile my dad had come home and found another printer cable.

All that to print a few lousy forms. So irritating. The one time that I actually felt the loss of my job might be an inconvenience has nothing to do with a lack of paycheque but a lack of printer.

Finally, because I never got to act out my "I quit" fantasies, thanks to Jet Blue flight attendant Steven Slater (we can all relate, can we not?) I give you some memorable quitters courtesy of People magazine . Because this is what I do now, troll the internet for interesting stuff. Since I harboured intense quitting fantasies for over 2 years, this really spoke to me. I especially like the 33-point office email complete with photos. 

That's all for me today. I have some shows on the PVR that need watching.

PS Anna: I'm sorry that I'm not there with you anymore (although judging by the sound of that email, I'm not that sorry). Just remember that they are all a$$holes and you only have 3 more days there but they have the prospect of a lifetime of being f*cktards. 

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