Monday, November 2, 2009

Fall-Back Backlash

Who doesn't love a Fall Back weekend?

Ok actually I can think of some people that would hate a Fall Back weekend- like perhaps those folks that work night shifts, police officers, nurses and firefighters come to mind. And can you imagine working a night shift on Halloween that is also Fall Back? That would be a nightmare.

But for the rest of us, Fall Back is like a gift. The gift of time. And really, that's the best gift of all because there is never enough time to do anything. But an extra hour? That's amazing. You can use it to sleep, to run extra errands, to go for a hike, to watch a movie, to do laundry, to have a nice dinner.

Whatever you want.

Incidentally, I did all of those things yesterday with my extra hour. It was the longest, greatest Sunday that there ever was. I kept looking at the time, amazed at how early it was and how much time there still was on my weekend. I like to think that I took full advantage.

But now its Monday. And although I was hella greatful for the extra hour's snooze this morning, I am now incurring all kinds of other problems this morning because of it. Not to mention that The Boyfriend decided he was plenty snug in bed and would "go in later today". I hate it because I don't have that kind of freedom and I am accustomed to him getting out of bed before me. Mostly its just jealousy.

But back to the time change issues. Up first is the phone. My office phone, the one that I really rely on to tell me what time it is, is not updated yet. I had a mini heart attack this morning when I got to my desk and it said 9.17. I had to take a moment, step back, look around (almost no one was here, so if I was late, so was everyone else) before finally checking my cell phone and reassuring myself that it was in fact only 8.17 and I was early. Its one of those system phones that I have no way of updating myself because it is hooked up to a network. It's going to mess with me all day because I think its later than it is. Currently it says 10.04 and I'm pretty excited that I have already gotten through an hour and a half of the day.

Yeah, I know. Its only been a half hour. Do you see why this is going to be a problem?

Part of the fun of Fall Back and Spring Forward is mentally you know what time it actually is, for the first few days anyway. When you wake up in the morning you tell yourself, well its actually an hour later than this. Which is awesome. But on the flip side, right now its only 9. I still have a full day to get through and I know that its actually already 10. This is torture of the cruelest kind. Am I really getting an hour back at this rate? I'm not am I? That happens at Spring Forward. But everyone really likes Fall Back better because we are all lazy and hate our jobs and would just prefer to sleep an extra hour.

Fall Back also signals the beginning of November, possibly the drabbest most depressing month of the year. Nothing happens in November, the trees are pretty well bare, there is no spectacular sunshine and blue skies like in October, there are no holidays (I'm in Canada remember?), and the weather sucks. November is basically just a buffer between the harmless pagan celebrations of Halloween (let's face it, you all need some time to recuperate) and the money-hemorraging food-stuffing alcohol-induced- coma that we will all find ourselves in in December. 'Tis the season and all that.

But I suppose that these things pale in comparison to the very worst Monday news of all. John did not die on his cruise, he didn't die of H1N1. He is back at work today, chipper as ever, ready to get in everybody's way. I cannot explain to you the shiver of horror that passed down my spine when I heard it's voice in the corridor. I wanted to cry and scream and yell all at the same time. Perhaps most effective would have been maniacal laughter but I think I used that all up on the weekend, Halloween and such.

OK, positive things about this post- Fall Back Monday. There is candy on my desk that I saved from Friday. So I should be able to get up a mini sugar rush to last until lunch. That will make me hyperactive. For a short while until I crash spectacularly. Can't wait.

I received a salacious text from a friend this morning about a walk-of-shame cab ride (on a Monday no less!) and am anxiously awaiting all the scandalous details in an email.

Next week I have 3 spectacular days off so if I can get through this week, I only have to get through 2 more work days and then I will have 5 glorious days off. That's pretty excellent.

I spent 15 minutes updating the vacation calendar. It's all colourful, has a nice poppy picture on the 11th (I got Veronica in on the action, bonding you know?) and at the end of it: December. And we all like December. Its not a particularly productive time of year, but there is a lot of alcohol and parties and I like both of those things.

Look at that, I ended on a high note. Kodak moment people.

Actually I think all the positivity has given me a headache. Way too much effort for a Monday.

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