Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I Don't Normally Do This BUT...

...I'm totally putting Glee on notice.

I can't tell you what I felt when I first saw a commercial for this new show that promised to be a musical once a week. My heart was filled with gladness at these tidings. Finally musicals were going to be embraced for the awesomeness that they embody.

Last night's episode was a long way from that initial feeling.

I've overlooked the crappy writing on this show for a long time, preferring instead to focus on the ridiculously talented singers and the awesomeness that is Jane Lynch. I've tried to pretend that Mr. Shue doesn't grate on my nerves in the hopes that they will all sing a peppy, choreographed number and he will sit on the dark somewhere. I've ignored the elevator music'd Full House lesson moments at the end of each episode in favour of the moments where Brittany says something amusing or Kurt busts out another fabulous outfit.

But after last night, I just don't know how much more I can take.

Grilled Cheesus really? For the first time in my Glee life I fast-forwarded through a song. A song. The whole reason I watch the show are the songs, and I fast-forwarded through one. Comments were made like "this is like a bad American Idol". Considering the state of American Idol these days, comparisons are not a good thing.

And Finn, if this Grilled Cheesus was so amazing and did everything you asked for, why the hell aren't you using it to make Kurt's dad better? How hokey was is that Kurt's dad only started showing any kind of positive response once Kurt had decided to let prayer into his life?

I'm all for spirituality but that? That was lame.

Glee, you've hurt me. I mean you've done some cringe-inducing songs in the past, (She' Having My Baby and Bust A Move come to mind) but last night? It actually hurt me to have to watch. Are you having problems finding permission of songs to sing? Are the writers starting to give up? What's going on?

When you were shiny and new you were awesome, all Journey'd up. But you have seriously lost some of your shine and I don't even know if I can keep coming back week after week.

Sort it out.


  1. I'm not ready to give up on Glee. Hokey, yes. But it's high school. My whole life was so hokey in high school. If I could go back in time, I'm pretty sure I would beat up high-school-kid Rebekah. She STILL annoys me.

  2. maybe you should watch some high school musical. i'm sure zac efron will add a little realism into your day.

    i'm now cableless again. i have no intention of getting it back. i will watch the canucks on my laptop. i will live. maybe i'll have to resort in investing in seasons and getting sucked into that for a week straight...i'm sure you know the feeling. i do suggest you get on that arrested development. or i'll start calling you my favourite word from that show.