Thursday, October 29, 2009

Buzz Kill

I just tried to write a post. I failed. It was neither insightful nor witty. It wasn't ridiculous or inane.

It was crap.

So I deleted it and here I am. Trying to think of something to share.

I'm not hungover today, which is a good start. But I'm not exactly bursting with enthusiasm or excitement. About anything. My concerts are over and while I'm perfectly happy reliving them in my head, other people are continuously intruding on my bliss with inane cubicle tasks.

We all know how I feel about the cubicle tasks.

Currently we are all buried up to our necks in paperwork and things that need to get done yesterday (some are buried up to their necks in their a**, not having any idea of what is going on). This doesn't leave a lot of time for hilarity. Or even for eavesdropping on interesting conversation. Furthermore, with all this work that needs to be done, Amy and Veronica have magically found more time to walk around and make sure you are working. This leaves a lot less time for internet surfing. I don't even know what the Kardashians are up to this week (I heard there might be some new tattoo on Khloe?)! And if you don't know what the Kardashians are doing, you are in some kind of cave.

On top of this, a lot of people are sick. I don't know if you have heard, but there is this thing called H1N1, and its really making the rounds. Yeah, I'm not surprised you haven't heard of it, the media hasn't really caught on to it yet, but supposedly it can get pretty serious.

Apparently we live in a hot zone. A lot of H1N1 floating around in these parts. I was self-quarantined in April (it was a strong suggestion), when I returned from Mexico (the heart of the Swine Flu) and The Boyfriend came down with a handful of the symptoms. I called work and told them that I felt fine but that The Boyfriend may or may not have it and I got an extra week off work. Paid.

But we have these Temps. That don't get sick days and don't get paid well either. So if they are sick and they don't come in, they don't get paid. In today's economy (maybe you haven't heard about this either, its bad) losing a day's wages is not good. It actually makes a substantial difference to things like food and rent. You know, those little extras. Turns out we don't work for a Fortune 500 company so the pay is pretty low to begin with. Anyway, these poor Temps sell their souls and get sick (because of the pressure at work and the stress of not knowing if they are permanent) and then they still come in.

Under the old company regime, no thought was given to the fact that when sick people work, they get more sick and other people sick. For them, it was bottom line: Temps show up, Temps work, Temps don't show up, Temps don't get paid.Turns out the new company has a conscience.

Not enough to hire the Temps as full time permanent (and thus give them access to sick days to actually get better) but enought to get Amy to send a friendly reminder:

It seems like a lot of people are getting sick or knows people that are [...] Please remember to really wash your hands and use hand sanitizer. If you are coughing, please be kind to your neighbours and cough into your sleeve. If you are really feeling sick, please do stay at home.

Am I the only one that thinks its wrong not to hire Temps full time (if you are giving them full employee responsibilities) and then tell them to stay home if they are sick and therefore forfeit a days' wages? I'm all for staying home when you are sick (Lord knows I take advantage), I'm pretty sure its well known that if you rest, really rest, you are bound to get better faster. Not to mention the fact that if you stay home you're not spreading your germs.

BUT (and this is big) how fair is it to penalize people for not coming into work, creating a culture where it is seriously frowned upon to call in sick (because it was up until September 1st) and then changing your mind, singling people out for coughing and asking them to give up their hard earned money?

Let's just all call it a day.

PS: Tomorrow, Halloween office festivities. Get excited.


  1. If I have one more Halloween Candy in my office I think I may fall into a sugar more celebrating please!

  2. I'm living under a rock in that cave, apparently. I have no idea who the Kardashians even are.

  3. You are one of the lucky few. They are a family of girls (Khloe, Kim and Kourtney are the famous ones) that are famous for nothing. Their stepdad is Bruce Jenner and they have a bunch of reality shows. Basically you can't go a day without hearing about one of their shopping trips, parties, or whatnot.
    And sadly, I can't get enough!