Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Reverse Lateness (what? Its a thing!)

Today I am working on a bit of an experiment.

Through a cruel twist of fate, my bus dropped me off at work at 8.05. I have been a little gun shy since I was super late twice in a week and have been getting here around 8.17, which I thought was a nice compromise. But 8.05? There is no way I am giving up that much of my life. I could choose to sit and read. Or have some tea.

But today I choose work, in the interest of a little social experiement. Which I am sure will blow up in my face.

The way I look at it, I am reverse late. When I am late, I have to make up the time. So when I am early (reverse late) I should get that time back--ie. get to leave at 4.05 (instead of 4.30...4.25).

I emailed Amy to give her a time stamp to show her that I was in fact here early this morning (God forbid she take my word for it). Plus- I asked Veronica yesterday what was up with her early mornings. Because some mornings she starts at 8 and other mornings she starts at 9. And Amy does the same. But the rest of us do not have these same priveleges.

Oh to be management.

So I asked Veronica about it and she didn't really have any answer besides "oh yeah, we're kind of alternating, I don't really know".

Solid Veronica. Thank you so much, that was tres helpful.

And by tres I mean not helpful at all.

Anyway, this morning Veronica strolls in at 8.15. And is like "oh, I guess I will start at 8.30".

How nice to be able to make those kinds of decisions.

Anyway like I said, its an experiment. I'm sure it will blow up in my face, resulting in a meeting with John, but I think its worth it to showcase to everyone how messed up this place is.

Speaking of messed up, this week 2 more temps are starting.

Why is this messed up? Why wouldn't I want 2 new bright and shiny faces starting to help us out with the backlog?

Here is a refresher on how I feel about them (the Temps). Basically because I am all Temp'ed out and feel like they need to make some decisions about making some of the Temps (at least 4 of them have already been here for a year) permanent employees. You know, so that they get sick days and benefits? The Temps here have been promised for months that they would be made full employees and they keep being kept waiting.

Point is, they have been faithfully serving the Man for months. Doing their best, working hard. With none of the benefits. And thats wrong. When we got bought by another company, one thing they promised was that they would let the Temps know soon whether they could hire them on. The new company didn't have the same budget constraints the old one did so it was looking good. The deadline was September 30th. This was the day the Temps would find out if they would be hired on.

Its now October 20th and we are all still waiting to hear what they have decided.

In the meantime, its become clear that we need Temps. We need them badly. Only like 5 of us are full time permanent. Which is ridiculous. But yes, let's hire more Temps. This is a great idea. Ignore the ones you have, just hire more. Don't give them any benefits or sick days, allow them to come in when they are deathly ill and work themselves into an early grave, but please don't give them any consideration and hire them on.


I am in shock. Total shock. I don't even know what to say. I should feel guilty about this whole post since its angry and bitter and sarcastic. I should, but its not in my work nature to feel guilt about slandering my superiors. Instead I am just dumbfounded.

Not only was reverse lateness a success, in the same email, I was praised for my work yesterday. I was cheered on and congratulated on my superior performance (not in those words, I'm just summarizing. OK, not even summarizing. I was basically told "way to go" but you see how starved I am for praise that this is what I get out of it). And I got what I wanted.

It doesn't change the fact that the Temps are being frozen out, and it doesn't change the fact that Amy and Veronica can come and go as they please, but its somewhat smoothed my ruffled feathers. If only for one morning.

(But, ever the cynic, I'm sure they just said that to try and get me to do more of the same today. Bastards)


  1. ha ha...loved how this was in two parts and complete opposites of one another! glad you experiment worked!

  2. That's the way it is in the Cubicle. up and down all the time. An anger rollercoaster.
    But I too am thrilled that I seem to have bested them, at least for one day.

  3. Ur blog is too funny! Last year i worked in an office where i thought it was the most unprofeshional place on earth. Managment who sounds like Turd sat in an open cubicle rather than a closed office so he would be one of the ppl, more like so he could eavesdrop. Well i am sure u will appreciate this. He basically only had like one outfit which consisted of a pink shirt that was decomposing. He did have spare shirts hanging next to the window sill for weeks. Classy eh? And the front parking next to the door was reserved for visitors only and anyone parking there would get scolded...guess who use to park there all the time? Yep, lazy pink shirt!

  4. I love it. Its always the managers that are the worst offenders. Do as I say, not as I do. But of course, they get paid more to do nothing.