Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday Wrap Up

Today is Friday. Thank God. I couldn't make it another day. Its also the first day this week that I haven't pumped myself full of Dayquil. Which means that things are a lot harder today. I can't concentrate very well (not sure that this is actually any different from any other days), my eyes are burning and I have no one to talk to at work. Anna, bitch, decided to take the day off.

OK to be fair she worked last saturday so that she could have a 4 day weekend this week AND I was sick and left her for 3 days in the past week BUT STILL. Now that its actually Friday and she's not here, I'm less than impressed.

So because I will be forced to spend practically the whole day in my own head (its a confusing place) I'm feeling a little reflective.

You know how they say that you learn something new every day? I feel like I learned a lot this week. I'm sure that I learned more than one thing each day. Although, I can't totally account for things that I might have learned on Monday or Tuesday because I was in a Nyquil coma for large chunks of time. That stuff gives a mean hangover if you don't sleep it off all the way.

Anyway, this has been a learning week. Learning about behaviour, stuff online, and just general life lessons. Mostly learned from TV.

I would say that the biggest thing I learned this week was: People are messed up. Its true. People have some truly bizarre habits and its confusing to be around the ones that say one thing and do another. I guess this mostly stems from the run in with Amy this week. It blows my mind that a person can be discussing the finer points of The Hills and The City, discussing the fact that Kristen is a bitch and wondering about Whitney's prospects in NYC and then turn on you using words like "ownership" and "protocol". Whitney would never use words like that. Its almost like a slap in the face for everything that Whitney and Lauren, Kristen and Olivia stand for you know? I guess its a good thing that I was reminded that, actually, Amy is a petty, mean-spirited, time Nazi who is full of resentment that she is still working here in a position of authority. One more step to being a Lifer. The day I leave will be the best revenge.

My childhood was a sham. I learned this from Lily. We often comment on people's names if they are weird or if they are like famous people or characters. She came across a Sara Lennox (how weird if that's your name and you are reading this) and she's like "wasn't that Mary's mother's name?"
Me: Mary in the Bible, Mary?
Lily: No! Sara Lennox, The Secret Garden??

I had to come clean with Lily here. Usually we are on the same wavelength with trivia, especially about books. But I have never read The Secret Garden. I had to go one step further though and admit that I had also never read A Little Princess (by the same author, at least I know that!). First there was silence, and then "Your childhood was a sham". I've been trying to prove that it wasn't ever since (I read Anne of Green Gables come on!) but I don't think I'm going to win this one. In her eyes, I am now an incomplete person.

If you are a serial killer, TV police will apprehend you and put an end to your reign of terror. So there.

There are actually a number of differences between H1N1 flu and a common cold. Sure, your cold might be more violent than you remember them being, but it doesn't mean you have Swine Flu (I know its not PC to say that anymore, but I think its funny). I also learned that its easy to buy into the hype surrounding it when you read headlines like: If You Have Flu-like Symptoms, You Probably Have H1N1. What everyone needs is a friend like Claire who is prepared with a chart comparing and contrasting common cold symptoms and Flu symptoms. If you are sneezing, have a stuffy nose, a hacking mucus-producing cough and a sore throat, congratulations! You just have a common cold. However, if you have severe aches and pains, a high fever, a dry cough, severe chest discomfort and a headache- you should probably go see a doctor. Thanks Claire!

If you are taking language classes (and everyone should) a couple of drinks before hand go a long way to loosening up your tongue. You will be the star of the show.

Wife beaters are not appropriate office wear. I was unaware of this also but today when I came in wearing one, people looked at me funny. No not really. But Veronica was sporting a nice grey one today. She was hot. No, like physically warm. Ew. I think she would have paraded around like that all day but Maurice, all tact too, said "Why are you wearing that?" and she didn't have an answer besides "I'm hot" and she was clearly offended but she did go put her sweater on. I'm actually surprised a) that Veronica let herself be bulled without Amy around and b) that Maurice had the balls to say that to her in the first place.

The Duggars renewed their vows (way too much touching), and had their first grandchild. The Gosselins can't be civil even for birthdays. Kim Kardashian is back with Reggie Bush. Kim doesn't know the sex of her baby and Khloe is trying to do long distance with her new hubby. I learned that I know too much about reality TV. Its probably not going to change anything, but I thought that I would put it out there.

Its Friday. Its been a long week. It happens to be Thanksgiving in Canada this weekend so I'm supposed to be thankful for things. If you're good I might come up with my own list of thanks on Monday. It won't be your grandma's list though.

Enjoy the LONG weekend everyone!

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  1. wait...Canada has a Thanksgiving? How did I not know this. I'm off to google Thanksgiving in Canada.