Friday, October 30, 2009

Sugar Rush

When I was a kid, there was no better day than Halloween. I loved to dress up and Halloween was just an excuse to do it in public. My mom would never buy me ready made store costumes (which annoyed me then but now am grateful for) so there was more freedom to be creative. I was a fairy princess (my first North American Halloween), Charlie Chaplin (needed to make sure I had the hat on at all times or I was apt to look a little too much like a certain fuhrer), Mary Poppins, a really scary witch (I was 8 and green) etc. I think Charlie Chaplin was my favourite (aside from the aforementioned hat issue).

I used to run home from school and wait for the sun to go down. It always took forever. And then of course there was the huge disappointment of having my mom haul out my winter coat and 10 other layers to wear under my costume. Disappointing because it always ruined the effect and I always hoped she would forget. Then my brother and I were handed a pillow case each and told to hit the road. The freedom! The exhilaration! The sugar rush!

Halloween was the perfect holiday.

As I got older, Halloween became less about candy and more about alcohol. It was an excuse to put on short skirts and small tops, some sort of animal tail or ears, maybe a hat and drink til you fell down a la Mean Girls(the greatest movie ever made): "Halloween is the only day in the whole year that a girl can dress like a total slut and no one else can say anything about it. Alice in Wonderland was the best of those".

But now, there is Work Halloween. And Work Halloween is just an exercise in lame-ness. I mean there are a lot of things you have to think about. Things that would totally be great and go over really well at a house party or at a bar, just don't fly at work. You can't wear short skirts, or small tops. You can't take things too far. You need to keep PC-ness in mind. And if your boss doesn't have a sense of humour you need to remember that too.

So inevitably, people come in wearing devil horns with their regular clothes (I'm not talking about you Claire, I know you don't have a choice in the matter), or say things like "I'm a college student"- which come on, its cheating. Amy came in today dressed as a 20 year old. Although she is in her early 30s she looks like she's 15 (unfair right?)so its not really a stretch.

Inevitably there are those that dress up, and those that have no imagination or inclination to come up with an easy costume idea. And the day becomes a constant war of words between the 2 sides, one side taunting the other about itchy wigs, and the other mocking the lack of imagination and awesome-ness shown.

And of course, the piece de resistance of any office event: the potluck lunch. Who doesn't love a potluck lunch?

Actually I'm not the biggest fan. I find them forced and kind of awkward and there really is no telling what people will bring in. Although I did just hear that there would be pizza. But mostly we all stand around for an hour trying to talk to one another but mostly not having any common ground except work and eventually we all lapse into awful work stories and questions, or silence. I think I would prefer the silence.

I'm pretty sure that I have already crashed after a mini sugar rush (there was candy on my desk when I came in. What was I supposed to do?) but I hope to have remedied that by walking into the lunch room and digging through one of 4 buckets of candy to help me get my fix again.

All around its a very odd day. Veronica is dressed like a bumble bee. What? She's interviewing people? Who wouldn't want to be interviewed by a bumble bee? It would bee entertaining (sorry, I couldnt' help myself). If one of the interviewees came dressed up in a costume I would definitely push for that person.

There was a high note though. One of the guys from the other team (yeah we like to refer to departments as Teams, it makes us seem more cohesive and awesome. except that it achieves neither of those things) has a truly heinous skull mask. Maurice (in one of his bright moments, it was shortlived) told him to go to the little space on the outside of Veronica's cubicle and pop up and scare her.

Just as an interviewee walked into the office Maurice guided Veronica to her desk to "look at something" and the other guy popped up. She screamed (so high pitched) AND yelled profanities. And then went to her interview.

I didn't know that Maurice could be so diabolical and am strangely impressed. I'm sure it won't last.

Oh and do you know what? Originally I could not get into the Halloween spirit enough this year to come up with a costume. But Anna needed bits and pieces to complete hers. So I went with her to a sewing store (currently a Halloween emporium) and found my costume. And she found what she needed. So I was finally starting to look forward to it.

And today I'm all excited to see which idea Anna went with (she had 2 in mind).

Anna is not at work today.

H1N1 strikes again.

**please note I am not a doctor and have not treated Anna, this is purely conjecture because it seems to be going around**

At least there are buckets of candy. I'm going to go eat my feelings now. See what you did Anna (I mean, hope you're feeling better!)?

Happy Halloween everyone!!

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