Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tuesday + Rum = My Wednesday

I'm not going to lie to you. I'm hungover. At work. And its hard to focus on the minutiae of cubicle tasks when your head is screaming at you and your stomach is churning.

Mostly I'm just really tired. And then there is the hangover that's really throwing off my groove.

Although, do I have a groove at work? I think the entire purpose of this job is to rid me of my groove.

My hangover is making me ramble about nonsense.

So maybe a concert at a bar on a Tuesday wasn't the best idea I've ever had. There was a time when I could get off work, get drunk at Karaoke Thursdays or Cowboy Wednesdays at respectable establishments, get myself home and be up and ready to go to work as normal. But clearly those days are long gone. And while I had an amazing time, dancing my butt off (like I said, I was drunk) in my nice new heeled boots, today I'm questioning my own sanity.

Course, there is another concert to go to tonight. But probably won't go as hard tonight. I'll never make it. Just a glass of wine. Or 2. Or whatever.

Don't think that the thought of taking a personal day didn't cross my mind as I lay half coma-tose this morning. It definitely did. But at the same time this super annoying voice in my head (is it bad to hear voices?) said that it was my own fault that I felt like crap, that I made the choice to go out on a school night and now I had to face the consequences. What is that about? Where did this voice of reason come from? I don't think that that is fair. Especially when I turned around and The Boyfriend was snoring away happily, already having decided that he's "going to go in later".

He's probably still in bed.

Hangovers at work do not a happy cubicle inhabitant make. I could barely stomach a normal breakfast (the thought of milk made me queasy) but when Lily brought in my favourite home made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies suddenly I needed to eat 5. I am now cradling my starbucks gently, willing it to erase my bad decisions from last night.

Did Veronica always have such a nasaly voice?

Is it not bad enough to be hungover? Does she really need to talk that much? And so loudly? This is why hangovers at work suck. Everything is so much worse than normal.

I don't think anyone will be surprised to hear that my legs and feet are messed up after last night's escapade. I'm no longer bleeding (and my mom just messaged me about magic blister band aids. Apparently this blister/shoe stupidity is an inherited trait) but I'm kind of gibbled a little (oh man, remember Full House? Kimmy Gibbler? She was hilarious! ...I told you already, I have a hangover).

Although it didn't happen in the Cubicle, I think it warrants telling. It could be like an ongoing series of Things That Happen To My Feet. I could make a movie. Well too bad if you think that's a dumb idea, I'm the one with the non-ergonomic keyboard typing here.

I went to a concert last night (I don't know if I mentioned that) and I wore my new boots. Because they are concert wearing boots. I walked around in them, danced all night in them, generally bonded with my new boots. But you know how your feet swell when you are dancing around on them in impractical shoes? Well I thought of that. Sort of. I brought flip flops in my purse to walk back to the bus in after the concert (yes, even though it was late at night in late October) because I knew that there was no way that ?I was going to make it to the bus in the boots (and lets face it, scuff up the boots) and wanted to quickly sit and change into them before we went outside. Left boot comes off no problem. Right boot, not so much.I wriggled as best I could but the exhaustion from dancing and the effects of rum beat me and I needed The Boyfriend's help. I asked him to please gently pull the boot off. Well he heard the part about pulling the boot off but I don't think he caught gently. The boot came off but in the process I'm pretty sure that my hip got pulled out of its socket.

Today it feels bruised. And my feet are screaming at me for wearing heels.

But it was totally worth it because today I get to stick it to the man.

I'm wearing sneakers.

PS This is my 100th post!! Thanks for making my miserable cubicle existence a part of your day!

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