Monday, November 9, 2009

Brain Bust

I didn't win the lottery. So depressing.

And nothing has really happened in the office that will make for a funny, interesting or heart racing post (I guess heart racing isn't really appropriate terminology since I talk about work in a cubicle). How tragic is that? I will tell you how tragic it is: Very.

Plus, it is making time stand virtually still. Sure it moves, but I don't see it. It's like Santa. You know he's out there, but you have yet to find any actual proof.

Normally I am a pretty excellent BS-er. I like to joke that I got my degree in BS. I mean Communications? Please. I swear that the only purpose of writing papers for my classes was to see how well I was able to make things up and sound like I knew what I was talking about.

But blogging is different. Blogging matters. I feel like I need to think of something interesting and witty to say before I send it out in the blogosphere to be read and judged. I like to think that some days I even succeed in this. But most days, I admit, I struggle to pull something out of my a** that strikes the fine balance between being funny, yet poignant, and kind of offensive but not enough for hate mail.

And this week, because nothing will happen and because I am only here for 2 days before a little well deserved rest, this bloggers'-block is really making me mental. Well, more mental than normal.

I guess I could write about the 2 new people that started this morning. But not particularly caring about them, I choose not to. I mean, I could write about how the new girl is gorgeous and how Dustin is training her which we all find hilarious because Dustin usually ogles the pretties from afar but now she's sitting next to him all day. I admit, I enjoy the harassment I get to participate in. I actually used messenger to send him a message about her, not knowing that she was sitting beside him. It embarassed him no end (success!) but I guess now I will have to explain myself should the new girl and I ever actually talk.

Or I could pull out another random (can we take a minute to talk about how much I dislike the word random?? I think it stems from overuse of Facecrack and all the a-holes that post albums with names like "Random Summer Shots" or "Random Album". Does it take so much time for you to stop, think of a theme, a play on words or something interesting to christen your album with??) attack of my thought process. But I feel like if I overuse that, it gets old fast. And my 7 followers (I know it says 6, but believe me there are a whole 7. Lucky 7? I hope so!) will abandon me for more interesting cubicles.

This is kind of reminding me of that Ellen Degeneres HBO special, where she talks about procrastinating and does her whole routine going from one crazy topic to another, seemingly totally unrelated until at the end she amazingly ties it all together by going back to procrastination.

I can promise you that that won't happen here. I'm not that good.

I'm just sitting silently in my cubicle, no thoughts running around in my head. At all.

I just want this day to end so that I only have one more to get through!!!!

My sincerest apologies to all of you. This was lame. It almost would have been better to have left it alone. But since there will probably only be 2 posts this week...I felt like I couldnt do that.

Please come back tomorrow and I will have prepared something better.

Hope you get through your monday ok!

PS: If you haven't already done so, please vote on my poll on the top...right hand corner (I don't know my right and left, I had to take a minute to figure it out). There are no prizes and it doesn't accomplish anything but I think its fun.

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