Friday, November 27, 2009

Breaking Tradition

I am fairly disgruntled this morning. I know, I know. Its not really that surprising. I'm disgruntled most days. Although not normally on Fridays. Fridays make me happy. Fridays signal the end of the week, the beginning of play time, the start of the glorious weekend. Its even sunny today. All of that is wasted on me.

But its gotta make for good reading right?

Maybe. Maybe it will just piss you off too. I will try to make it funny. That was, after all, the reason that I started this blog in the first place. To see the funny. Some days its harder than others.

Breaking with tradition somewhat, the following is a rant about my personal life and not so much about the Cubicle. But I don't want to alarm you so don't worry, I will end with a Cubicle Conundrum. I love alliteration- so sue me.

Ok. Some background. I enjoy hosting parties for my nearest and dearest. I enjoy coming up with themes, decorating my apartment, getting food (sometimes we'll even make it ourselves. I say We because anyone who actually knows me knows that I have no business in the kitchen but that The Boyfriend is actually quite culinarily talented. I'm spoiled I know), and making sure that everyone is engaged and having a good time. I don't even mind cleaning up afterwards and my favourite part is when people are still hanging out in the wee hours of the morning. I try to have a few such gatherings every year.

I have one coming up. To celebrate the world's greatest (and least PC) holiday, Sinterklaas . I love Sinterklaas, even if it has been ever so slightly bastardized by my time in North America. The spirit remains. I sent an invitation a couple of weeks ago (since people complained last time that they would have come if I had given them more time) and have received exactly 4 confirmed yes's. Two of those come from me and The Boyfriend (although in protest he is now showing as Maybe Attending).

A handful are Maybe Attending. And most still haven't responded. I have no beef with those that said No as soon as they read it. Realizing that they had conflicting plans and couldn't make it. That's cool- you had a prior commitment. That's cool, I respect that. No no, my beef lies with those that are Maybe Attending or, worse, have not responded at all. I know what you are doing. You don' t think that an intimate gathering with some people up a mountain will be as much fun as throwing your money away on some night at the club. You are waiting for something better to come along and that really gets my goat. Yeah that's right, my goat.

OK, not everyone checks their facebook religiously (obsessively). I get that. Sometimes the event invites are overlooked. And I'm understanding and want to give you every opportunity to come to my party. So I send a follow up text to those that have yet to respond. I know you're phone is practically glued to your hand. You'll get it. Don't pretend like you don't have that phone glued to your hand. You are stalling. Its not that hard. Either you can make it or you can't.

I need to know numbers damn it!

This is why facebook and cell phones have ruined the world. No one has common decency anymore. Gone are the days when one sends thank you notes. I don't think anyone really has dinner parties anymore. Phone calls? What phone calls? Talking on the phone is so passe when you can just send someone a quick message on facecrack.

I just want some commitment people. Is that so much to ask? Yes. Or no.

I think I have gotten that off my chest. I'm still annoyed though.

Ok. So onto work annoyances.

For the past 2 weeks (ish) I have been working on a new list that John promised would simplify the way that I do my job. He always was a promise breaker. This new list has just moved the emphasis off one set of problems onto another. I guess that's one way of solving problems.

So I have been working on it and John wanted me to think about it and write down any issues that I had, or any holes that I was seeing in the process. I actually did this (wasn't snotty to him or anything), coming up with over 10 points that I thought we should go over, or things that I thought could be improved upon. I thought that they were taking it seriously, so I could too. I thought that maybe there would be a meeting with Amy, John and Turd to go over and improve the process.

I was all ready for my meeting first thing this morning (I had asked for one). It was to have been at 9.30. First thing Amy comes to me and says can we make it 10.30. Annoying but what can I say? No sorry, I have another meeting to be at then? No, so I said "sure!" all cooperative like.

10.30 comes. And goes.

I despise lateness.

Finally 10 minutes later Amy comes back and says OK I'm ready. I start to get up to follow her to a meeting room and realize that she's not moving.

This isn't a real meeting. She's giving me time only for an informal chat. Sans John or Turd, the people that will actually change the process.

She didn't take it seriously at all. What's worse is that she really didn't understand what I was saying (since she has had no experience working with this list) so she was making decisions on the fly, kind of blindly.

I am so going to get f**ked for this later.

But if I have learned anything since I have been here (the list is short) its been to CYA: Cover Your A**. I'm going to send her and John an email running through the points and the answers I was given so that she can respond, John can see where I got my answers from and later when it all blows up in their faces none of their s**t gets on me.

Happy Weekend everyone. Lord knows we all deserve one!

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