Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I Didn't Kill Anyone On The Way To Work

Its creepy to be at work so early in the morning. And alone. Stepping over sleeping homeless men is one thing...being alone with your thoughts, hearing rustling and immediately jumping to the conclusion that an awake homeless man is in your office, is something else entirely.

It was also really dark on my way to work this morning, a good 2 hours before the sunrise. There is this path that I take to get to the bus that the strata doesn't see fit to light in any way--walking through that this morning I was convinced I was going to get raped.

But I didn't. Yay!

Here's what I expected of this early start: I would barely be able to keep my eyes open, any little thing would set me off and time would move at its habitual snail's pace.

So far, none of these things are true.

Oh, it was hard to open my eyes (I was dreaming something about owning Olympic viewing runs and sending out invites...don't know what that means really...and yes I'm aware that that makes no sense) when the alarm went off. I should clarify that it wasn't my alarm that went off. It was The Boyfriend's at 5.15. He got out of bed and I knew that I needed to get up in another 15 minutes. But I had my own alarm for that. Thank God this wasn't every other morning where I am able to fall back into a deep sleep waiting for my alarm. Today I was semi-consciously waiting for the alarm to go off. I assumed that I had snoozed it for 20 minutes.

I hadn't.

The volume was off.


Miraculously I still managed to get up and ready on time. Even watched a little local news banter. One anchor was near Holland House learning Dutch phrases. This amused me. Something amused me before 6am. Confusing no? I quickly checked the bus timetable- the bus arrived at my stop at 6.10. So I left at 6. Apparently I have never timed how long it takes to walk to the bus stop from my house. I'd say that it took about 3 minutes. Which left me shivering at the bus stop for 7 whole minutes. And then...some a-hole who budged the line took my seat.

That's right, I have a seat. Every day, same seat.

Today, Captain D-bag took it. I might have even glared at him as I walked past. I couldn't help it. But I didn't snap. Baby steps people.

Anyway I guess crack of dawn mornings agree with me because I feel almost chipper this morning. Its nice to be at work, in the city, when there is almost no one else around (I should clarify that the niceness is not being at work, its that there is almost no one else around). The quiet is almost (almost) peaceful and reassuring. Almost. I don't feel like I need to run out and get any kind of caffeine. I'm not even suppressing any kind of murderous urge. I just am.

I guess I'm growing as a person.

More likely, there is just no one around to f*ck up my day. Yet.

What else did I say about my expectations? Time moving slowly. Just the opposite in fact. Time is going by pretty quickly. I still need to figure out when I'm taking my breaks (I got here at 6.50, so I'm leaving at 2.50, but I normally take my lunch from 1.30-2.30...gotta sort that out) but all in all, maybe the early mornings won't be as bad as I thought?

Yeah OK, you're right. Wait and see how I feel after work. Probably horrible. When I first started working as a gym receptionist and had to be at work for 5.15, the mornings I managed just fine. It was when 8pm rolled around that I started to fall apart. I couldn't go out on weekends anymore because there was no guarantee that I wouldn't fall asleep at the wheel driving home. I've never been one to appreciate any form of sleep deprivation.

I think we might have talked about that before.

I would like to leave things here on a high note, but I think I'm starting to feel some side effects of my early start: brain malfunction. Should make for a fun day. Perhaps I will mess with Maurice (yesterday I actually referred to him as Maurice in front of him...that's not his actual name...I think I was the only one that noticed though). Stay tuned- something amusing could come of it.


  1. who's the morning person now!?!?!??!?! you have no reason to kill me next week.

  2. Ah yes, Lynn Colliar looked very bewildered about the whole Dutch thing. And Steve ALWAYS looks like a goof, so that wasn't anything new. Aren't the Olympics grand? I think we should have them ALL the time.

  3. She did! It was funny though- she wasn't that bad. Steve is a jerk, can't stand him.
    The Olympics are neat. Can't wait to see what we do to embarass ourselves internationally at the opening ceremony!

  4. Going to see the dress rehearsal of the opening ceremony tomorrow night... hoping that we will refrain from doing anything to embaress ourselves... get back to you on that one...