Friday, February 12, 2010

Olympic Fever? Me?

I think I might have some explaining to do.

First of all, if I could please direct your attention to the right side of the screen, just scroll down a little. Do you see it? Yes, right there. I got Twitter. Embarassing no? I would still love to follow you, and you could follow me and we could be a big happy family...or something like that. Barney sings it so much better.

Anyway. The Twitter thing has been mulled over and not entered into lightly. But the thing is, Twitter is changing the way the world gets information. And I'm getting to the point where I will be looking for a new job, and why not add "Twitter Expert" onto my resume? It can't hurt.

Unless I'm interviewing with the only anti-Twitter company left out there.

I'm also hoping to get the blog out to a wider audience. Because...well, why not?

So that's the Twitter.

Now more 'splaining.

For weeks, I have been screaming and yelling at the Olympics to leave my city alone. The traffic closures, all the extra people (I mean, Welcome to Vancouver), the money we bled to get this far etc. I was totally against the Olympics (in my city).

I'm not really sure what happened but I can barely contain my excitement at this point.

I think it had something to do with the Torch Relay arriving back in Vancouver. People are losing their sh*t to see this torch. They are painting their faces, arriving at torch sites early, screaming, wearing red and white and running alongside torchbearers that have included Michael Buble, Shania Twain, Steve Nash and even The Governator this morning (which btw, I don't understand. He's not Canadian, he stole our energy and he tried to prevent Hollywood from making movies up why the a$$ kissing?).

In less than an hour, the Olympic Flame (the Olympic Flame people! That international symbol of athleticism, cooperation and awesomeness) will be about 3 blocks from here at the Art Gallery.

I'm going to see the Olympic Flame, carried by Walter Gretzky. Yes, the Great One's father.

And I'm excited.

And I can't even help it. I'm like a little kid. Seriously, if they have face painting, I'm sold. The Boyfriend was working with the Torch yesterday and he brought me back a little souvenir Torch. So I'm going to bring that and wave it around. Jealous? You should be. Stoked? You know I am.

And then, tonight, the city officially welcomes the world. I mean we have unofficially been welcoming you lot for days and weeks. But now its official. So much speculation. Who will light the cauldron (Wayne Gretzky? Betty Fox? It should be Betty Fox- she's local [she's Terry Fox's mom])? Who will sing the anthem? Celine? Sarah?

Someone awesome.

(I have been looking at a lot of the speculation online about the people that could be performing. And I read one comment from a reader and they were all "Its good to know that Canada has talent". Like really? You're surprised? We're awesome up here.)

So no Cubicle drama on here today. Save it for another day. Just Olympic fever. Never thought I would get to this point, but its seriously impossible not to feel it.

Do you believe?

(hahahaha I couldn't help myself. SO lame).


  1. I think the governator got to run with the torch because he has been involved in past years with funding etc. for the paralympics....that's just what I hear anyway. I didn't get it either.

  2. Then he can carry the torch for the Paralympics!

  3. Don't stop believin'! Hold on to that feelin'!

    re: Governator...he also sent us shoddy busses. WTF mate?

  4. I KNOW! I am hating myself for getting all caught up in it. I saw the flame this morning as it went down Georgia when I was walking up Burrard (or fighting thru the crowd as it were.) Plus I got to hold a torch. Cool. DAMN IT.

  5. OMG VEG. We were in the same place. I was up on Georgia. But by the art gallery so maybe not. Georgia is a big street. So close though. And you got to hold a torch. Fuckeneh.

  6. Yeah, I was up at the RBC Bank site, right in the intersection of Burrard and Georgia. Soooo close, only a block! And yeah, check my blog for my pic with me holding the torch!