Friday, February 19, 2010

Password Prose

I have been waiting for 2 weeks now to change my one computer password to match my other computer password. My life has been made oh so much more difficult by having to remember that I have 2 different passwords for my computers at 6 in the morning. You would think that this would be a simple thing to get through, but at 6 in the morning putting your pants on is not simple, let alone remembering words and stuff.

I guess I put my pants on more around 5 in the morning...and yes, they are on right. Bonus round points for me (one time I came to work and my tights were on inside out).

I went to try and find that post where I had my tights on inside out to make a fancy link for you...but I couldn't do it. If I can't, chances are you can't, but I encourage you all to try.

So yeah, passwords. What's that about? In my real life I pretty much have the exact same password for everything. It came about after a particularly frustrating university email sign up process where I needed a password that didn't make a word, had numbers and some other criterion.

Well I'm not a nonsensical password kinda gal. I need order, definitely need a word, and I'm not particularly fond of numbers. I spent about 2 hours in the basement silently screaming at the computer (maybe not so silent), begging the system to just please let this one work. Finally I had it. A particularly genius combination of initials and dates.

And it has been my password for everything ever since.

But this password does not work (forgive me? Its early).

And our passwords, obviously, change every 3 months. Sometimes they assign the password (for our old operating system, the HR trainer had used my name as an example of how to sign up and made my password, password, and I have never been able to change it), and others we are left to our own devices to figure one out.

The format is, at least, simple. Basically a word, capitalized first letter and a number. I think it also has to be at least 6 characters. Fairly standard.

When I was working in the bank I chose authors and a number. Austen01, Bronte02, Dickens03 etc. I had to have read some work by the author. So couldn't choose Hawthorne for example. I like having a theme. Now I'm choosing cities I have visited. But some are very tricky to type. For example, although a cool place, never choose Casablanca as your password. Very high level of correct-password-typing-difficulty.

Anyway, since last summer we have each had 2 different computers (unless you are Veronica, then you get 4. She has 4 monitors, she does not have 4 computers, but don't tell her that) and one time the passwords changed at the same time.

And since then...not so much. So now my one computer is stuck on...let's say London and the other one is already ahead in...Madrid. In my sleep induced dumba$$-ness I can never remember which is which. And am constantly locking myself out.

More and more I become like my mother (in a good way, I love you Mom). My momma has the same password for everything because she doesn't have room in her brain for minutae like passwords. Well she did have the same password for everything until my 12 year old brother decided to break into itunes with my mom's password and download a bunch of music on her credit card. Twelve year olds are bada$$ like that.

Anyway, point is, passwords are a pain. Why can't I just scan my fingerprints or something? Much simpler. I'd leave my computer unlocked but whenever Maurice does that I send emails in his name...things that say "I suck my thumb" etc so leaving my computer unlocked is even riskier.

Good post today right? Really developed thought process, there was a theme. Well done me.

I know I know. But the good news is that at least this is the last of the early morning posts. Admit it though, there is something romantic about reading something that was written as the sun rose.

OK fine, there isn't.

Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. I have this issue at work. So now just keep the work the same and change the number. That way you can go through all the numbers and then reset because you can't have the same password I think for 7 times, or something like that! :)