Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday Madness

Have I used that as a title before? Possibly. Too lazy to check. And really, its appropriate for my mental state today.

How did this happen? How did we get to Monday again? All that hard work to get to Friday last week and we are right back to where we started. Boo.

On the bright does this work? I'm not accustomed to looking on the bright side of, on the bright side, its February? So its a short month. That means fewer days to get through until its March. And everyone knows that March is the best month of all because its my birthday. And St. Patrick's day. And we're all behind a drinking holiday are we not?

I think a random thought process post might follow this. I'm sorry. Unless this makes you laugh. In which case, thank you. I know I'm brilliant.

Back to February. Short month. Yay! This year February means Olympics though, which slightly diminishes the joy I should be feeling at the advent of this month. I would like to Rip Van Winkle February and just wake up on March 1st when its all over. Yes, I just made Rip Van Winkle a verb. What?

I think thats all I have on the bright side.

Oh. Tomorrow is Groundhog Day. Please. You LOVE it. A rodent predicting the weather? Is there anything more great? Plus its a chance to watch Bill Murray and Andie McDowell in action. You love that movie!

I'm getting excited just thinking about it. But more likely, I will spend tomorrow in a cleaning frenzy before The Boyfriend's parents land in town on Wednesday. I'm making them sound horrible. They are actually the nicest people in the world. I'm looking forward to seeing them again. But, it does mean that there is a lot of cleaning to do. And I will be spending the majority of nights this week on an air mattress (I'm a good hostess that way - they get my bed). Which means extra-snark for posting. Everybody wins!

When I sneeze, I actually think I say ah-choo.

Tomorrow we are having a pizza lunch. A reward from John and the executives for all of our a$$-busting the past few weeks. They set a deadline for us, we met it. So all that overtime, shortened breaks to get just a couple more done is rewarded with a couple of slices of pizza. What a novel way to show your appreciation! This also means more time spent with the "team". Something I despise. Plus the pizza lunch will probably start at 11.30 since that's when Amy and Veronica normally take their lunch. Yes, they do eat lunch when its still morning. How messed up is that? Veronica just can't go too long without eating. Oh, that was a low blow wasn't it?

My bus was busier than usual this morning. A sign of more to come I'm sure. The route even changed. I got to walk 3 blocks to work instead of 2. And it was 2 blocks instead of the 1 that I was walking before they messed with that. I'm going to go out on a limb here and blame VANOC. Sure, I might get deported to some work camp for the duration of the Games, but at least I will have an excuse not to come to work. "Sorry John, VANOC took me away, there was nothing I could do." I'd probably have to get some kind of documentation to prove it.

God, Feburary is a short month, but this morning is looooooong.

On this, a Monday morning, my email buddy tells me that she won't be able to email me this week because she is touring branches. De-pressing. Probably for both of us, but we won't be able to suffer together. Send her positive thoughts guys--she is going on the road with Pregnant Girl. Cousin- you're up.

I left my book at my parent's house this weekend. Right when I started to get into it. I have another book ready to go (always do), but I wasn't mentally prepared to switch to abruptly. Am sad about it.

I don't think it will surprise anyone to know that I have not been able to focus at all this morning. I tried. I know what I have to do, there are a lot of them. But I just don't care. And I have other things to think about. See above. I also read a story about a woman who chose assisted suicide- that was pretty heartbreaking, no matter what your view on the matter is. There were some interesting hockey trades this weekend (oh Toronto, you'll try anything won't you?). I'm trying to figure out how affected my transit route really ss (obviously I can't find any real information). And I'm trying to pull enough unrelated content together to make a passable blog post. Busy morning, without actually doing anything.

I'm going to aquafit again tonight. Last time I was so tired afterwards I was basically coma-tose all night. I'm hoping for a similar reaction tonight. And less people at the pool. Last week there was a friggin' party or something going on. Ridiculous. Maybe I will just sit in the hot tub and let the heat suck out all the energy. I need more sleep. Last night was stupid.

Ok people, for all our sakes, I'm going to stop now. And pretend to do some actual work.

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