Monday, February 15, 2010

Oh Yes, I Still Have To Work Today

While the rest of North America sleeps quietly in their beds, the good citizens of British Columbia carry the mantle of the working man for you all.

That's right kids, BC does not have a holiday this fine Monday morning. So while the rest of you enjoy Family Day or President's Day, think of us in BC toiling away under some pretty maddening conditions.

I was up at 4.35. To work in an office. No one should have to get up that early to work in an office. That is ridiculous. But here I am. Business as usual. Except for the fact that its 6.30.

All because of the Olympics. Which so far, haven't been too bad. I mean there has been the amazingness of Alexandre Bilodeau becoming the first Canadian to win gold on home soil. I have an Alexandre and Frederic Bilodeau hangover. Seriously makes me cry even now, thinking about it. So proud.

And you would think that my pride in this truly amazing example of Canadianess would make me slightly less snarky. But you would be wrong.

Because while Sunday's golden celebrations definitely took the edge off the Olympic dream, there was a whole lot of other mess we got ourselves into.

There was that moment, when the whole world was holding its collective breath waiting for the Olympic cauldron to come out of the floor so that our world class Canadian athletes could light it together and it failed. Hydraulics problem. Then there were the protesters on Friday night that prevented The Boyfriend from coming home til the wee hours of the morning. And me, the good girlfriend that I am (and also a bundle of nerves, unable to actually really find out where he was or what he was doing), waiting up for him.

Oh and then the d-bag rioters on Saturday morning, smashing windows and heckling pedestrians in an effort to...what exactly? Rally the city behind your cause? Probably shouldn't go destroying the city. Might get more people behind you. Dipshits. Thankfully The Boyfriend didn't get called out for that one- but the reports did get his frantic mother to call us and find out what was happening.

But other than that. So far so good. I'm itching to get out there and actually feel the pride in the crowd. The city has seriously lost its collective mind to the Olympics. Its hard to believe- Vancouverites are, in general, pretty damn stoic. Instead (I'm not really a huge fan of crowds, all those people forgetting the concept of personal space, not a good scene for me) we curled up on the couch and watched as much as CTV would let us. (Anyone else feel like CTV is really jumping around and cutting off events right when you start getting into it?)

OK because this is technically an office type blog, let me just share with you the gist of an email that we all got on Friday. Apparently we were too excited, wearing red and white and waking up at the CRACK OF DAWN to not get stuck downtown. How horribly rude of us all. So Amy sends out another copy of the email she has been sending out once a week for 6 weeks. Covers where we are, lateness blah blah blah. Then this little gem: "I know a lot of you are excited about the Olympics, but remember that it is "Business as Usual" matter what shift you work"

This, ladies and gentlemen, is reason 1,037 why I need a new job. And we are getting so much closer every day.

Anyway if you're in Vancouver, I hope you're enjoying some of the festivities (even though you have to work)! And if you're watching on TV, I hope you think we're putting on an alright show.

Oh oh OH and follow me on twitter so that we can have make real time snarky comments. VEG and I did that all weekend. And I feel like we bonded some more.


  1. It must be insane being in Canada right now, little alone Vancouver. Don't feel bad about working today. I'm in New York state in the U.S. & I'm currently sitting at my desk at work. It sucks. Everyone else is off except me. Just a few more hours til the work day ends. =P

  2. Bonding over tweeting is the best kind! And we were only a titch bit snarky. That gold medal stuff was all real! And I am at my desk this morning too. Though I had to drive this morning and I made it in record time. Apparently Skytrain was packed though, which disheartens me for the rest of the week.

  3. Melanie's Randomness- I'm glad to know that I'm not alone!!!
    VEG: no the gold medal moment was definitely genuine. more snark on the weekdays.

  4. I haven't watch or heard any thing about the Olympics yet. Appartently I am a horrible Canadian! But you have quite the horror stories to tell there. Happy Monday, sorry you have to work.

  5. That's crazy about the rioters! I'm glad your boyfriend is safe.

  6. Work blows, especially when you have to do when most everyone else doesn't. Misery really does love company.