Monday, August 17, 2009

I Think My Bubble Burst

I am honestly amazed that everyone is still alive here. It was just one of those mornings, which is doing an excellent job of being one of those afternoons.

It all started when I couldn’t find the right sweater. There might have been some dryer door slamming. And maybe a little bit of yelling at my boyfriend, who was just trying to be helpful. And then there was the cereal fiasco. Couldn’t find the right knife to cut the tops off the strawberries. Had to fish it out of the dishwasher. I’m thinking that if it hadn’t been clean already I would have had a meltdown. I’m also not feeling well today and would have called it in, but last week Amy made it very clear that there would be no more sick days for me until September 1st.

So I got here in a dark dark cloud. Animals and small children scattered as I walked. Was content to sit in my cubicle and stew but Veronica just had to talk to me. About nothing. Couldn’t even find up the energy to act like I cared what she was saying.

Then there was a meeting with the new HR rep, going over our new benefits. And then, lucky us, individual meetings with her and John. The new HR lady actually seems really really nice. I don’t hate her on sight anyway, but to have John sitting in on this with me--too much. Especially today. So it was supposed to go in alphabetical order (the individual meetings) which meant that I was 3rd (it was alphabetically by first name, not last). Except that John didn’t take into account anyone’s lunch times (which are staggered) or how long each meeting would take. So now its after 1, I still haven’t had a meeting and I’m supposed to go for lunch in a half an hour.

John has pushed my meeting to 2.30 because not only did he forget to take into account our lunch breaks, he forgot to schedule a lunch for himself and the nice lady. What a tool. Does he seem like he has his shit together to you? Does he seem competent? Like he could run a department unsupervised? I don’t think so either, but someone clearly does, because he is still in charge somehow.

Ugh. Where do they find these dinks? Is there a special place? Do they all congregate on a street corner? Are they part of a special work program? They just know the right people don’t they? And kiss the right ass? When did it stop being about the ability to be able to do the job, and become about who’s ass your kissing? Has it always been like this and I just didn’t know? Did my bubble just burst?



  1. Yes there is a special place where they all congregate...but their lair is top secret because if found it would be immediately destroyed.

  2. A bit more pessimistic than usualAugust 18, 2009 at 9:42 AM

    You mean all those "unique" lounges in Vancouver? A place where only women with waists as big as my thigh can work? Yeah they all hang out there together, admiring how beautiful they are thus how good at their job they are. There's nothing else like these people. They're unique because they can waste their money on over priced shit because it has a piece of metal molded like a G in a way that's fashionable that makes it worth $1000 more than the other guys. Thank god for consumerism.

  3. A Bit More Pessimistic--you are insinuating that John is good looking? This I find offensive. John is disgusting. He had adult braces last year for God's sake. He wears short sleeved dress shirts. And a back pack. He looks like that dorky kid in elementary school waiting for his mom to pick him up on the curb.
    And Optimistic--I really like where you are going with this. I think my life's work shall be finding this secret lair. And then its destruction. I'll be a hero.

  4. Hahaha! I somewhat know how you feel! Crappy job not doing what I thought I would be or what my degree is in. I'm a comm grad too.