Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday Meltdown

What a morning! I definitely should have stayed in bed—don’t think that the thought didn’t cross my mind when I had to drag my exhausted butt out of bed today. But since I don’t actually have any “sick” days left, here I am.

It all started with a restless night. Could not sleep. Even though there was the delightful and oh so welcome sound of rain pouring down outside my window, I still could not get proper sleep. Made all kinds of bargains with God and the sleep fairies to let me get some sleep, but they must have been busy last night because nothing came of it.

So I arrived at work, slightly damp with burning eyes in a haze, just hoping to be left alone.

I get through my emails without any problems and am starting to think that despite the burning eyes, this Monday might be ok. Silly, silly girl.

I began processing the stack of documents on my desk. Now all last week I kept getting this error message that caused my whole processing system to freeze. There was no way to get around it and I had to keep shutting down the whole system. I was finally sufficiently annoyed to call our Tech Support team to see if they could make it stop. Now of course I decided to call them after my computer was rebooted and the message was gone. Try as I might, I couldn’t duplicate the message while I was on the phone with them. They told me to call them when the message appeared again because they “can’t fix what they can’t see”. In other words, I’m being a spaz.

So today the message appeared again for the bajillionth time and this time I left it all as is and called the Tech people back. They logged onto my computer and I had an enjoyable moment of watching them click OK on the message, thinking they had fixed it and clicking anywhere else, only to have the message pop right back up. I know they thought a) that I’m an idiot and b) that they would be able to fix it quickly. HA! They had to go to a Level 2 Techie and their answer was: talk to your Tech Support guy, Eugene.

Eugene. Damn it. By calling the general Tech Support I had hoped to avoid exactly this, but apparently Eugene is the expert on this particular system. I track him down and drag him over to my desk to show him this message and how irritating it is and that it needs to be fixed. He looks at the message, and nods knowledgeably. I’m getting all excited because Eugene seems to know what the problem is and might even have a simple solution. He looks at me matter-of-factly and tells me that its because Word isn’t closing quickly enough when I go to log a message. So I ask him what can be done. Do you know what he tells me?

“You shouldn’t work so quickly. Slow down.”

Helpful. Really friggin’ helpful. I called the general Tech Support back and told them to do what they had to in order to restart my profile on the system. Fingers crossed it will be sorted out tomorrow. As for Eugene…I really don’t think that there is any solution for him.

At the same time that I was having a computer meltdown I went to check my texts on my phone. I flicked open my texts and then my phone went black. No matter what I did, nothing helped. In my state of mind, I thought something was seriously wrong and was all set to march over to the Apple store and demand that they tell me what was wrong.

Then this little voice of reason (who doesn’t make an appearance that often to be honest) piped up in my head asking me if maybe the battery was dead? I brushed that off as absurd, initially. I mean really! The battery? I would have to be really stupid for it to just be the battery no? Akin to taking your car to a mechanic when it only needs gas!

It was just the battery. I guess I'm holding off on the whole car thing...


  1. Hey do u know on Friday it will be the one year anniversary of me quitting? I feel sad about that. Love your twin, MK xx

  2. ah mondays... arent they great?