Friday, August 14, 2009

Lonely Days

After a couple of days of terrible neglect, I am back to soothe you with my words.

Yeah..there’s not a lot that soothing about this blog is there? No, its pretty much a toxic cocktail of vengeance, sarcasm and rage. But admit it, you missed me.

So let’s recap shall we? Its been an eventful couple of days that has prevented me from posting anything spiteful here. On Wednesday somehow, I become embroiled in a battle of equality and fairness. Nothing major, definitely no civil rights involved. Its actually stupid. And I don’t even want to go into it now. Its all tres complicated and pointless. A veritable portrait of life in general in this waiting room to Hell. Let’s just say that managers and supervisors here have a lot to learn in terms of what is fair. Bastards.

Then yesterday I had to endure an entire day of training. Training on a new system for when we are officially taken over on September 1st. Training for a new system that I can already foresee will have so many problems. So many things are going to go wrong. Its going to be a labour intensive pain in the a$$ to get this all sorted out. Should be fun. Oh, but lunch was provided. Nasty sandwiches, something that looked suspiciously like it may have been a salad once, some sliced fruit and some teeny weeny funny tasting desserts. I brought my own lunch thank you very much.

And today. It is Friday. Such relief. But I think that I will be forced to make it through the day all on my own. The people that I most depend on to get me through each day are either on vacation, in training, or have moved to another office.

So I am lonely today. And I might be slightly hungover thanks to an abundance of wine at my parent’s house last night. How will I get through the day without Claire’s email updates on the happenings in the branch. Or what she did last night. Or general hilarity? How can I gripe and rage without Anna on the other side of our office messenger holding my hand? Or going for lunch with me? I need to get clothes for an outing tonight and she won’t be there. How am I going to find anything?! PLUS today it has been an entire year since my partner in crime Mary Kate left me here to fend for myself. I miss you MK. Come back. And I can’t even make up for all this with Sebastien’s side splitting analysis on this farce of an office, because he was moved to another location.

So am forced to…work. Is very lame. Am hoping it will all be of very short duration.

Happy Weekend all!


  1. Loneliness is the same everywhere isn't it?

    Works in an office in an old world but don't write about it much. Yet feel the same.

  2. I feel lonely when the office-mate I like leaves me...she was in a lot of meetings this week and i missed her so much. NWCW is off most of next week, so we're going to have some good quality alone time.

  3. Dear twin, I am so sorry I left. But I am now broke, unemployed, depressed and soooo bored! And to my complete horror, Lorraine sent me a link this morning to literotica, its some hideous porn site, and it was a story about uncle Jesse and the olsen twins on their 18th birthday. Oh I shudder. I will forward it to you but its prob blocked so you may have to read it on your own time! Love you and your blog xx

  4. omg MK--that site was TOTALLY blocked! Now I know why. You sent the link to my facebook though so I will read it when I am alone and no one can judge me!
    Optimistic Pessimist: I am thrilled to hear that NWCW is off for a week. Although I was hoping for some more explosive diarrhea discussion. I guess that's more fun for me than for you...
    And Silva- loneliness IS the same everywhere. I am so relieved that one of my people has returned!