Friday, August 7, 2009

Technical Difficulties

**Please note: Post is appallingly late today because for some reason blogspot did not like my web browser. Rest assured physical action has been taken against my offending computer. Enjoy!**

There are a couple of things that have helped to make today amazing. Amazing is a pretty strong word. How about…a couple things happened today that allowed today to be less shite than usual. That will work.

The first I didn’t even notice until John pointed it out. I hate that John informed me of something so awesome. See, normally when I walk into my cubicle, Maurice is already there but there is no eye contact, no greeting. We both kind of ignore the other. Social, I know. But its how we do. Anyway. Turns out that Maurice got a haircut. A really awesome haircut. Now? There is nothing faux about his hawke. Yeah, I said it. Forgive me?

I wish I could somehow take a picture of this new haircut. Its an honest to goodness mowhawke, last seen on the likes of Maddox Jolie-Pitt. Awesome on a famous toddler, oddly misplaced on a 20 something cubicle worker. But also, hilarious. And I am thrilled.

The second thing (when I said a couple I was being literal, there are exactly 2 things that have made today bearable) has to do with Veronica and our email showdown yesterday. I was kind of worried about lingering awkwardness. But I didn’t need to. Veronica is nothing if not passive aggressive. So while she can come across as a condescending twit in an email, she doesn’t have the balls to do it to my face. So today we are back to exchanging pleasantries, ranging in topics from Jon and Kate to her anger with John.

Perhaps this is why she is not annoying me today. Today she has as much hatred and anger towards John as I harbor on any given day. He has committed the cardinal sin of getting in her business. Veronica likes to be in control. So does John. Naturally a power struggle ensues. John tends to win. But Veronica will grumble the whole way. Its great to watch. The highlight of all this really is that later I get to put together policies. Its basically a glorified mail job—so why am I so excited? Um, because I get out of the cubicle and get to talk to people that’s why!

And its Friday! Enjoy the weekend!

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