Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Cookie

On Monday I attempted to start a new trend. I would be really good about what I eat and go to the gym after work. This was to be a daily thing. A way to monitor what exactly I am eating and a way to work off the stress and annoyances from the office. A good plan. A plan that I have been trying to put into place for the better part of a year, and failing at. I continue to spend day after day sitting on my ass, which is getting fatter every day.

The few times that I do go to the gym in succession (I make it 3 times in a row and I want to throw myself a party) I do really enjoy it. There is a satisfaction about running on a treadmill making yourself all sweaty. But then on the 4th day I manage to tell myself any number of things to stop: I will go tomorrow (tomorrow never comes), I'm too tired (going to the gym gives me energy), I don't have enough time (I have a pilates DVD at home I can do in 20 minutes), I like my body the way it is (lies).

So it is Wednesday. I went to the gym Sunday Monday and Tuesday (the magical 3 days) and Monday and Tuesday I was even good about eating properly (I ate breakfast, and only what I brought with me to work).

But then today, the cookie happened.

A box of delicious baked-this-morning cookies arrived in the office minutes ago. Although I'm sure that their fragrant aroma would have lured me to the lunch room had they been placed there, I feel confident that I would have been able to resist. But no. This amazing box of baked goodness came floating person to person, offered right under my nose. It would be rude to resist no?

So I didn't.

And for maybe a minute of delicious, chocolatey satisfaction I am now riddled with guilt. Why did I eat that cookie? What about that promise that I made myself to be good? Do I mean nothing to myself?

Cookies, cakes, candies- these are the booby trap of working in a cubicle world. Someone thinks to ease our suffering by offering sweets. These sweets are consumed as we continue to sit on our butts for 8 hours of the day. These sweets turn into fat on my ass.

But it was so good.

I guess I am going to the gym again later.


  1. Just some creep but not the same one as before...wait how did I know about the other creep???July 16, 2009 at 12:17 PM

    C is for cookie and that's good enough for me!

    But in all seriousness to add a serious comment to you on this going to the gym is an unrealistic goal that very few people achieve, plus it isn't really the best thing for your body if you're working it hard so instead of making an unrealistic goal why not choose 3 days of the week (say monday, wednesday and friday) that you have to go, thow in the option of a weekend day and you'll probably find you're able to get more success since you're not pushing for this unrealistic goal thus letting yourself down and getting into the whole "well I've missed it this long" attitude. Good luck!

  2. I miss my Cookie Monster days...
    How about I try to go to the gym every day, but the days that I don't, I go for a walk around the neighbourhood instead? Or along the ocean. While eating gelato. I have a serious sweet tooth problem...