Friday, July 31, 2009

Double Standards? Not Here!

This week has been quite a roller coaster. We welcomed new people into our office, started learning new processes in preparation for when we are taken over (officially) and engaged in some good old fashioned double standards.

Who doesn’t love a good double standard?

I know that I personally love when 2 different sets of rules apply to 2 different people. It makes it so much easier to keep track of what you are allowed to do and what someone else is allowed to do. For example, when someone in a supervisory role is allowed to take an extended lunch whenever, but regular folk are expected to take 60 minutes, not a second more. Or when personal phone calls are actively discouraged but nothing is said when a supervisor has her iPhone practically glued to her ear.

This week, more than usual, there have been a veritable smorgasbord of double standards. They have run the gamut from dress code, to noise levels, socializing to late starts. Let’s go to some examples shall we?

Did you know, that during a heat wave it is not okay for one team to stray from the dress code? But for the other team, that reports to the same person the dress code does not apply? I was not aware of this either and am also unfortunately on the team where the dress code still sticks. Literally. My shirt is sticking to me.

I also discovered that while it is okay for managers and supervisors to stroll in minutes late, it is not okay for us simple folk to do the same. Even if the reason one is late is beyond one’s control ie. The commuter trains were stopped on the tracks for several minutes or traffic was horrendous. Only if this is corroborated by a supervisor on the same train will this excuse stick. Furthermore, no mention will be made of making up the time for a supervisor or manager but the minions better be reminded that under no circumstances has this gone unnoticed and the 10 minutes will be made up by the end of the day. After all, one needs to be fair to everyone else.

And finally while noise levels are to be kept to an absolute minimum and laughter and the sound of any kind of fun expressly forbidden and punishable for the regular people, it is expected that supervisors engage in immature, ridiculous and loud behavior when managers are off site. Furthermore, pictures should be taken of any kind of tomfoolery (especially involving box packaging materials) to be shown to management when they return so that they can all have a chuckle at what fun was had.

Thank God this is a long weekend eh? Not that I think a long weekend will end the double standards but I could use a break to sort out what rules apply to me!

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