Monday, July 20, 2009

Hardly Working

For whatever reason I'm finding it hard to force myself to concentrate today. Cannot focus for the life of me. It can't possibly be that I hate my job, am unfulfilled in my daily working life, can't stand many of the people that I am forced to work alongside or the fact that its Monday again (on a non pay week) so it must be the weather.

Irregardless (did I just do that? I totally did), I can't concentrate. I have however managed to create the illusion of being busy. Through the following means:

1. I updated events on my puppy calendar. How can one resist a calendar of adorable multi coloured Labrador puppies? You can't, its impossible. Unless you are stonehearted. And then--I don't want to know you. My calendar now shows the arrival dates of my BF's parents and my Swedish soulmate, a handful of BBQs, important people's birthdays (Claire, obviously you are listed, not that the date wasn't already burned onto my brain) AND the start of my Dutch class lessons in September. Am ridiculously excited to further my Dutch education.

2. Studied the Labrador puppy pictures more closely. Am disappointed with August's picture. There is something wrong with those puppies...

3. Tried to get the BF to set up a man date. I think that Phil (not his real name, can you imagine?) and Jorge would make a really lovely pair. But its always hard to be the one to make that first phone call isn't it?

4. Caught up on all the weekend happenings. Amy had to suffer through a bridal shower (why are those things always so...awful?), Veronica painted her nails and partied until the wee hours, and my friend got asked out by a 60 year old man. Obviously in light of all this, much discussion was necessary. Will a restraining order be necessary? We determined that its an awkward age because a coffee date can't be under the guise of keeping a lonely old man company...

5. After halfheartedly going through this list I offered myself up to the training gods. Oh yeah, I took initiative. I told Amy that this was never going to get done if they didn't train me properly. I showed initiative and created a solid excuse for why none of this is getting done. Diabolical.

6. Made plans to play my recently downloaded Dirty Dancing soundtrack from my iPhone later this afternoon when 4 people are processing mail. Such appropriate allocation of resources no?

7. Listed for several people my Sephora purchases over the weekend. I know that for many Sephora is old news. But this was only my 2nd time in it ever. The first was in Prague (random right?) and at the time I did not fully realize the amazingness of Sephora. I spent entirely too much money but I can't pretend to be sorry. I am counting the paycheques until I can return.

So that's been my morning thus far. Has yours gone by as quickly? You definitely did not get less done than I. If you have, I congratulate you! And please, enlighten me! I bow down to your genius.


  1. Looking busy really is an art form!

    PS...Love Dirty Dancing!

  2. I rewatched Dirty Dancing recently and fell in love all over again. Harder this time I think.