Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hand Holding

For the 50th time in the past week, we had a hand holding session.

One on one this time though.

In the lunch room. Around noon. So people continually walked in wanting to eat their lunch.

I guess its nice to know that they are concerned about how we are handling this change but I have a few questions about this sudden show of compassion and concern, mainly: where the hell was it when I was being robbed of my vacation? Or sick days? Or when I was literally robbed of my possessions? Or when my raise took a year to come through? Or when my grandmother died? Or when I nearly broke my head falling on black ice on my way to work?

At any one of those times a little hand holding would have been nice. It might (no guarantees) have gone a ways towards erasing some of the hard feelings and bitterness that are currently setting up shop over my heart. Those were actual crises, things that affected my way of life beyond these 4 softly padded beige walls.

But now is the time for hand holding. And honestly, now is not a time when I feel like I need it. I object to being pulled away from my desk 3 times a week to engage in a little heart to heart.

How am I feeling about all the changes? Good. Things needed to change.
Do I have any concerns about the change? Just that John will continue to work here.
Have I had a chance to look at the new company website? Yes, but didn’t find any kind of information that I actually wanted.
Do I see myself working in one of the branches, selling to the public? Hell no, then I would be making a career choice as opposed to an employment choice (ie this way I can still tell myself it’s a job, not a career, just doing it for the paycheque).

I’m just a little annoyed that with all the backlog, all the bitching and moaning that things are behind, they somehow find the time to have innumerable meetings. I guess I just feel like they are going through the paces. They don’t actually care if we have anxieties about the whole thing, they just don’t want it to get in the way of our production.

Its still all about the bottom line, they just want us to think that things have changed. Maybe stop saying its “business as usual” then.


  1. Beware when management starts sucking up. The only have their own interests in mind. Hang in there Cubicle

    Jav Aseem Olive

  2. hand holding...really? not sure if i would want to hold hands with some of my coworkers.